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Two New Social Stories About Virtual Learning - With WIGGLES!

I'm excited to tell you about TWO little social stories I came up with to help teach students some of the important rules about virtual learning, as well as how to be READY for class, all with the help of our favorite pup, WIGGLES the dog! These books are meant to be shared online for remote learning, so it has already been uploaded to Google Slides! Wiggles Gets Ready for Zoom (or Google Meets) teaches kids what to do BEFORE an online meeting starts in order to be ready to learn, and Wiggles Learns the Rules for Zoom  (or Google Meets) teaches them what to do DURING the meeting In these stories, Wiggles first gets everything wrong, and the children always correct him with “No, no, Wiggles!” Then they all repeat the rule for Wiggles. For example, when Wiggles starts running all over the house during a lesson, the children all say, “No, No, Wiggles! Stay in your seat!” I always encourage the children to say the words along with me as much as they can. The idea is to read this book

Google Slides for the Letter of the Week Focus Wall Set!

Here is another fun way to teach the alphabet virtually:  try out our Letter of the Week Google Slides set!  This is a digital version of our Letter of the Week Focus Wall , with a version for Pre-Kinder/Transitional Kindergarten and a version for Kindergarten/First Grade . These CUTE slides give children daily practice in the identification of the alphabet, and also in recognizing those letters in various fonts!  They also give the children practice in naming words that begin with the same letter. We have TWO packets, sold separately this time. The Pre-K/TK version has the Letters & Sounds songs included, whereas the Kinder/First grade version contains our Alphabet Formation songs instead. (Click the links to see samples, but keep in mind that this set ONLY includes the  AUDIO , not the VIDEO.) Otherwise, they are identical in every other way. :) When you display each slide, the kids will: -Say the letter name and sound -Sing the song for each letter (The audio files a

Google Slides for the Number of the Day Focus Wall Set!

Today, I am going to tell you about my new  Google Slides version of our Number of the Day/Week Focus Wall !   This is a fun and interactive way to review the numbers each day, and is easy to incorporate into your daily routine for distance learning.  This gives children daily practice in the identification of numbers from 0-30 (one number at a time, anyway!) and also in recognizing those quantities in other forms, such as ten frames, tally marks, and dominoes. When we do this, my kids: - jump the number of dots on the ten frames - stomp the number of times for the dominos - draw the tally marks in the air - chant the Counting Creature poem and jump that number of times - sing the number formation songs with the movements (audio included- just click on the speaker icon on that slide!)  Here is a little video of one my students from last year doing the Number of the Week virtually. Note: This file includes the AUDIO for each song, but not the VIDEO. There is also ONE song for the

TK & Kindergarten Distance Learning Packets - Fall Week 4! No Prep Printables!

Here we go! My Fall Week 4 Distance Learning Packets are ready for you! Just like last week, there are two different packets in this download - one for Kindergarten and one for Transitional Kindergarten. They do have some similar worksheets but there are certain math and language arts worksheets that are geared towards the each level of learning. You can also get it in a bundle with the packets for fall, weeks 1-3 right here. Because of there are two grade levels included, these are great packets for split (combination) classes! A list of recommended HeidiSongs music videos for the week is also included, and it links to our HeidiSongs internet video site. However, a subscription to our internet video streaming site is not included. You are welcome to eliminate this page as needed. We've divided everything up by day of the week, (Monday-Friday) so you have the option of sending this entire packet to students, with everything labeled out on what to do each day! Permission is g

Google Slides for the Shape of the Week Focus Wall Set!

Hello, everyone! I'm excited to share this new set with you! This is a Google Slides version of our Shape of the Week Focus Wall . The purpose is to give children daily practice in the identification of shapes and their properties in a fun and active way- even remotely!  Our original product, the Shape of the Week Focus Wall , is printable and sized to fit on a pocket chart. However, this version is designed to be used digitally, (either in person or online). So, although you could print it, each slide is probably too large for most pocket charts! The idea of the Shape of the Week is that you would review the slides daily with your students, asking them to tell you the names of the shapes, how many sides/corners it has, etc. After that, we review the real life photo examples of each shape, and then chant or sing the songs that are included. There is also a “Shape Character” poem.  These are not currently recorded as songs. To start any song, just click the speaker icon! (Most of

TK/K Distance Learning Packets Fall WEEK 3 - NO PREP PRINTABLES!

Happy August! Here's  WEEK THREE of my printable Distance Learning packets for TK or Kindergarten ! In this file, you will find all of the work for one week of school, for either TK or Kindergarten for both Math and Language Arts subjects. Just like the previous packets, there are a whole bunch of hands on activities for the kids to do. :) I made these specifically for the THIRD WEEK OF SCHOOL, but they would also work at any other time! This week, there are two different packets  in this file, one for TK and one for Kinder. They do have some similar worksheets but there are certain math and language arts worksheets that are geared towards the each level of learning. We have also included practice with sorting, letter recognition, counting, patterning, and scissor practice. This week, we're continuing the "A Pancake is a Circle" book craft for students to print out and do. Directions for how to make this craft is included, along with photos of each completed project.