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HUNDREDS DAY THEME! Distance Learning Packets for TK - Winter WEEK 10!

Ready for some HUNDREDS DAY activities??? This is my  Winter Week 10 Distance Learning packet for TK ! This is a great packet to use for the 100th Day of School week! In this file, you will find all of the work for one week of school for TK, with some worksheets that will work for Kindergarten, for both Math and Language Arts subjects. We've included a variety of worksheets and activities, so feel free to use any or all of it with your students! This week focuses on the letter T,  Number 100 , for the 100th day of school, the sight word " orange ", Letter Ladder fluency practice for letters A-T, Number Fluency Chart: 10-13, Shapes practice: trapezoid & hexagon fluency practice, Sentence Writing Practice: "I can eat 100...", and Rhyming Number Writing 2-13. Hands on activities include Shape Memory Game with cups, One hundred dots craft, Hundred's Day Ten, Frames and Stamps, Torn paper 100 craft, Hundred's Day Easy Reader, Paint or Color 100 Flow

Distance Learning Packets for TK - Winter BUNDLE Weeks 4-7!

It's been a few weeks with the holidays, but here we go! This is our  Winter BUNDLE Weeks 4-7 Distance Learning packets for TK ! That's 4 weeks, perfect for all of January with winter themed worksheets, games, hands-on activities, and art projects! (This could also be a great alternative for December if you do not want to cover any Christmas themed items like Santa, Reindeer, Elves, and Candy Canes!) You will find everything you need for one week of school for each packet, for TK for Math and Language Arts, and arts and crafts. We've included a variety of hands-on activities and worksheets, so you can use just part of it or all of it with your students! Worksheets and activities include practice with letter recognition and letter writing, rhyming, sight words, beginning sounds, counting, number writing, patterning, and scissor practice. :) These 4 weeks include January winter themed games, worksheets, or art projects : New Year's Party Hat craft, Snowflakes, Snowman,

Positive/Negative Spray Painted Snowflakes Tutorial

Happy New Year! Here's a FUN winter themed post from a few years ago when I wasn't teaching remotely. I hope you love it! :) In this post, I am going to share how to make some beautiful positive/negative spray painted snowflakes! I adapted this idea from something similar I saw done on Instagram, but with fall leaves instead of snowflakes. I absolutely LOVED the idea, ( I even pinned it here! ) so I thought it would be fun to adapt it and see if I could come up with something new to put on our wall for winter. It’s about time I changed that bulletin board, anyway! For this project, I had to purchase some snowflake stencils on Amazon. This set by Roylco came with twelve different plastic snowflake stencils in it for about fifteen bucks. I was tempted to purchase the leaf stencils just to have for next year, but somehow I managed to resist. In any case, I think it’s important that the stencils are made of plastic so that you can rinse them off and reuse them after pai