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What is the best way to use "Sing and Spell"?

Using Sing and Spell CDs and DVDs in the classroom is a great way to keep your students engaged and actively learning. The purpose of sight word songs is to help the child focus on the letters in the word, and repeat the word and its spelling, in a fun and engaging way. The purpose of the accompanying melodies and movements is to take full advantage of the fact that young children learn quite naturally through movement, rhythm, rhyme, and song. When we add in the visual component of the word on the screen (as in the DVD) or on a flashcard (as in a teacher’s or parent's hand), then we have combined all of the major learning styles into one quick and efficient lesson, including the kinesthetic, visual, and auditory modalities. This is the essence of simultaneous multi-sensory teaching: all of the senses/learning styles are used simultaneously to maximize learning. Here are some practical ways for you to utilize the Heidisongs Sing and Spell CDs or DVDs in your classroom! 1.