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Hidden Sight Word Coloring Worksheets! (Freebie alert!)

Today I am really excited to tell you about a great resource that we have been working on in the HeidiSongs office since August:  our new Hidden Sight Word Coloring Worksheets !  The idea for this has been bumping around in my brain for quite a while, but I never had time to do anything with it until the end of last summer when I finally created my first one for the word “the.” I posted it on my HeidiSongs Facebook Page for some feedback, and then made a few changes and re-posted it.  The response from everyone online at the time was extremely positive, and I have actually had quite a few inquiries from those teachers, wanting to know if I have finished them yet!  And now, finally, the answer is YES, thanks to the hard work and creative skills of Krista in the HeidiSongs office, who completed the set of words from Sing and Spell Vol. 1 with my guidance.  (No, I am NOT Superwoman and if I tried to do all of these myself they would NEVER get done!!!!!) But back to the Hid

Coping with Separation Anxiety and School Phobia

Does your child suffer from separation anxiety or school phobia?  Are you nervous about dropping off your child at school or daycare due to this problem?  In my 25+ years as a teacher of young children, I have seen a fair number of children suffer from separation anxiety, and unfortunately their parents suffer right along with them!  There are a number of ways you can help your child overcome separation anxiety or school phobia; hopefully you will find a helpful suggestion below. Much of today’s post was written by Aileen Pablo of Open Learning Australia  ( , and you will see her comments written in the regular font.  I have added in many of my own tips and suggestions in as well, and have printed them in italics.  I hope you enjoy this article on separation anxiety as much as I did!  You will also see my own comments in italics under the photos that I found to go with it.  As always, you can find plenty of educational music choices to choos

Kindergarten Homework- The Easy Way!

Every so often, people ask me what I give for Kindergarten homework.  In this post, I will tell you how I create homework for kindergarten and manage it as quickly and easily as possible.  There are also a couple of free downloads, too! The free download for the cover sheet of the homework is editable, too, so that you can change it each week to reflect what you are working on in your own class.  I also love that it doubles as a weekly newsletter for parents, and it forces me to be very concise.  If I need to send another note and elaborate on something, I will.  But quick, general reminders go on this paper.  I do like it, because if parents tell me that they never saw a note, and I know I put it on the homework, my general response is that if the child did the homework and a parent signed off on it, then they should have also seen the paper with the note on it about the change in dismissal times, etc.  To get your free download of the homework cover sheet, click here .   or