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Fun Counting Games For Kindergarten

One counting game that I like to play with my students is called Count Around. (I do not remember where I heard of this game, but I did not make this one up.) In this game, we all stand around in a circle, and then begin counting. You pick a child to be first, and that child says "One." The next child says, "Two," etc. Whenever you get to a multiple of ten (a zero hero number), then the child that says it has to sit down. The game continues until there is only one child standing. You may have to count to 100 several times to get a winner. It goes faster with smaller groups, but can be done whole group if desired; that is the way we play it. Another thing that we like to do is count to 100 by singing along with the "1-100" song on my Musical Math CD or DVD . (The same song is also on my Jumpin’ Numbers and Shakin’ Shapes CD/DVD .) We dance along to it. It's fun! We also use the song for a clean-up song sometimes. The children like t

Classroom Management Techniques in Kindergarten that WORK!

Classroom management is the key to teaching EVERYTHING in ANY grade!  And it is extra  important in Kindergarten where we often find children that have never had any school experiences before.  Here is how to start your kids off right in in Kindergarten or Pre-K so that you can successfully teach the rest. Obviously, Kindergarten and preschool teachers must teach children all classroom expectations from the very beginning - from lining up, to sitting and listening, and the list goes on!  So if you teach Kindergarten or preschool, remind yourself daily how important it is to be patient, and don't get frustrated if progress is slow!  The less time your students have been in school before, the longer it will take.  But setting up your procedures and expectations will have huge pay-offs in the end, so keep at it! As far as discipline is concerned, I use a lot of pro-active techniques, and then when those don't work, I use time-outs.  Time-outs may seem a little old fashi