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Updated Sight Word Spelling Puzzles - On Folders with Velcro!

I finally found the time to follow through with my idea to create a different way for the kids to put together the spelling puzzles !  I wanted to create a board that the kids could fit the puzzle onto as they put it together, just as they would if you bought a board puzzle at the store or in a catalog, but minus the hefty price tag or storage issues.  I also wanted the pieces to stay put after they are placed, so I thought I would use velcro again to make that happen. So I asked my husband to print me out the frames and outlines of the puzzles without the letters on them, which of course he did for me because he is so nice and supportive.  :)  Then, I tried to glue these blank puzzle boards down onto some colored file folders that I had left over from the last velcro book project that I put together. But, some of the words have four letters, and they weren’t fitting onto the folders because they were too large, so my husband went back and sized them down for me so that they woul

Open House - It's that time of year!

Open House is a time to really show off what you do best in the classroom.  And while I dread all of the extra work, I love the way it turns out, and how excited the kids always are to show their families their room.  Our Open House will be on May 20th this year, and June 10th is our last day of school.  So this gives me lots of time to gets lots of projects together to display.  The bad thing is that we spend all of that time decorating, only to have to take it all down to close up for the summer quite soon afterwards.   I always save books that the children make throughout the year, and put them out for the children to show their parents.  I have the kids reread them a day or two before Open House, just to make sure that they remember what is inside, though!   The kids make some clay insects, and we also decorate our room with a zoo theme.  I take videos of the kids singing our songs and play them on the DVD player.  Sometimes, a mom will bring punch and cookies, and we will make