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Those Tricky Teens and Twenties

This week I am going to tell you TEN great activities to help your kids learn those tricky teen numbers from 11-19!  Of course, place value is a big part of learning to identify the numbers in the teens, but memorization of the names of the numbers also plays a part.  I hope that these ideas are helpful to you! 1.  Ten Frames and Counters "Ten Frames" can help develop a sense of "ten-ness" at a glance. Give the children one with a  completed ten and another one with a five to form 15.  Have the children look at the ten frames and try to put that many objects into a modified egg carton that has just ten spaces- five on each side, plus another five in a bowl or paper plate. Then have them find number 15 on a flashcard and match it, for example.   You can download ten frames, free, right here!! . Instead of the egg cartons, you can get the CounTEN Sorting Cartons .  Ice cube trays with ten spaces also work great.  Sometimes these can be found at the

The Wide Mouthed Frog Blog!

This blog was written in June, 2011 and revised in 2022! :) 1.  Our Wide Mouthed Frog Play - and Tips for Making Any Class Play Better  We did our class play last week on June 2nd, the Wide Mouthed Frog , and it was a great success!  The children outdid themselves in “cuteness,” if I do say so myself!  And since it was my second time through putting on this particular play, I was able to fine tune a few things, and so I thought I might share some of these items with you here today, just in case any of you will be putting on the play yourselves in the future. *  One thing that I had trouble with last year and this year while putting on this play was getting the children to sing along with the characters on the stage when it wasn’t their turn to be the “stars.”  I wanted them to be singing and doing the movements while seated, and what I was getting was not much more than a couple of children singing and the rest just watching the kids on the stage.  I was thinking t

What Are They Doing While I’m Testing?

It’s been a really busy week, so this blog is going to be a quick one!  We had our Wide Mouthed Frog  play on Thursday night, and it went really well!  But I’ll be telling you more about that next week.  My report cards are due tomorrow, and I did manage to get the comments and scores all into the computer system yesterday afternoon!  Now I just have to get the behavior “scores” in by Friday before I leave for home, and I’ll be all set to finish the year!  It feels great to have it all be so close to done.  Our class will be going on a field trip to the Los Angeles Zoo on Wednesday, June 8th, and then Thursday, June 9th is our last day of school.  I can hardly believe it! Meanwhile, I thought I would share some of the things that I have had my kids do this week while I was pulling them out individually to finish up their testing.  Of course, this wasn’t all of it, these were just some of the more novel, fun activities that they liked the best.  Enjoy! 1.  Monster Doodles