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Printable Distance Learning Packet for Kindergarten and TK! - Week 1

Hello friends!  Today I would like to share TWO 26 page Distance Learning Packets for parents of Kindergarten and TK (Transitional Kindergarten) kids to print and use at home during this time of quarantine due to the Covid-19 virus.  Only $3.75 on my TPT store !  Although I am terribly saddened by all of the events that led to this, I am happy to share this with you today!  I hope that this will be useful to you in some way! This is actually the packet of work that I came up with to send home with my own students, and an ADDITIONAL PACKET to send home with the children that only started TK in January ("Spring TK"), so they are actually about five months behind us.  Spring TK is a program that my district started to give the children that missed the cut-off date for Fall TK a chance to enjoy a half of a year of the benefits that the rest of the children got!  (Fall TK is open for kids who turn five between September 2 and December 2; Spring TK is for kids who turn fiv

Instant Online Curriculum with HeidiSongs Pacing Guide/Curriculum Map and Internet Video!

Hello everyone!  Today, I am going to tell you about our Instant Online Curriculum for Kindergarten, which includes a FREE Pacing Guide/Curriculum Map with links to printable resources, and corresponds to a collection of internet videos that we are streaming on Uscreen!  This video collection has ALL of the HeidiSongs videos that you should need for each of the 38 weeks of the school year, all compiled by MONTH. This has been the result of many long hours (several months, in fact!) of work by my tireless husband, Greg, and it is BRAND NEW as of this week!  Given our current circumstances with the "Shelter in Place" guidelines regarding Covid-19, I am hoping that this resource will help you out! First: What is it? The Kindergarten Pacing Guide/Curriculum Map collection of internet videos is a compilation of our videos streaming online on our partner site, Uscreen!  Each monthly collection includes ALL of the videos that I recommend that a teacher or parent use per mon

20 Hands-On Ways to Build a Sight Word, (And Research to Back it Up!)

Today I am pleased to share TWENTY great ideas for building the sight words to help kids learn them in a hands-on way!  Making sight words (AKA high frequency words) in lots of different ways allows kids to choose their best learning modality and really take charge of their own learning. I'm super excited about this way of teaching, and I hope you will be, too! When my teammate and I do this, we focus on just ONE of the trickier sight words per week and have the kids BUILD JUST THAT ONE WORD over and over again in many ways.   If there happens to be a parent volunteer at that center, they are to ask the children to spell it and tell what the word is often. This is what our Sight Word Building Table looks like.  We put out a variety of choices, and the children can change seats each time they finish to keep building the word.  If there happens to be a volunteer, she ask them what word they are working on and to spell it, and will hand them a different manipulative.