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Spiders and Pumpkins and Bats. Oh, my!

What a BUSY WEEK!!!!  It was Red Ribbon Week and we had activities and assemblies, plus we are getting ready for Halloween.  AND we are also trying to get all of our testing done because we need to be ready to conference with parents beginning on the second week in November, so that means that the children’s report cards must be all done by then.  And in addition to that, I have to be observed doing our new “brain compatible direct instruction lesson” next week on Wednesday, Nov. 2nd.  Oh, and to make things even better, I have a sore throat and lost my voice on Sunday night, so I have been “speechless” since Monday.  But no stress or anything!!!!  (Ugh!  How many times have I asked those children to cover their mouths and not to cough right in my face????) Okay, take a deep breathe, and just relax…. Also, as I mentioned last week, my kids are now experts at the number Eight Spelling Song, (from Sing and Spell Vol. Five:  Number Words and More Sight Words and our new, animate

Teaching Kindergarten: What's Working? Week #9

Well, I was barely at school this week due to being sent off to a district in-service on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I learned how to give a direct instruction lesson.  (You see, I am a brand new teacher, ha ha.)  I was back just in time on Thursday for our Great American Shake Out , in which my kids made their mark on society by being the only class to sing practically the entire time they were out there!  They sang the refrain from the Zero the Hero Song from Sing and Spell Vol. Five or the Number Jumble DVD (just the “Z-E-R-O, ZERO the HERO!” part) over and over and over and over ad nauseum until I was getting dirty looks from some of the teachers and smiles from many of the parents that happened to be there. We had only sung it twice up to that point, (and not at all since Monday,) so all I could do was shrug and say, “I guess the lesson stuck....”  :)  When we got back into the classroom, I asked the children, "So how do you spell the word zero?"  Luckily, most

Eight Weeks Down: The Sounds Fun DVD is Finally HERE!

It has been good to be back to normal in my classroom for a full week now with no interruptions!  Other than a burned bag of popcorn that set off the fire alarm, it has been an uneventful week, thank goodness!  (And I’m happy to say that is was NOT my popcorn, either!) That’s all good, because next week on Tuesday, we are having our annual Farm Day, in which farm animals will come to our school for the children to meet and ride.  And Wednesday is picture day, and we all know how that event throws the children into a dither!  Thursday is the "Great American Shake-Out," which is a very large, formal disaster drill with a big duck and cover exercise to prepare for earthquakes or some other horrible disaster.  We always get stuck outside for at least a half an hour while the whole district (and in fact much of the state!) goes through the motions of what we would do in a real disaster.  But the biggest problem is that I will have to miss BOTH the farm day and picture day beca

Seven Weeks Down: More Fun With Counting Creatures, iPad Apps, and More!

Well, I am happy to say that this week was as easy as last week was hard!  As difficult as it is to be out of the classroom, once you are there and just sitting, it can be pretty darned relaxing to just let someone else do the thinking and then go home.  So that is what I did on both Monday and Tuesday at my district inservice that I had to go to.  And yes, parts of it were boring and seemed pointless for me as a Kindergarten teacher, but on the other hand, I was NOT physically exhausted at the end of the day!  Wednesday and Thursday were Minimum Days for parent conferences, and Friday was a non-student day for the same reason.  But the Kinder teachers had already conferenced with every parent during the month of September, so we are off the hook for parent conferences until November, when we will conference again with all of them.  So as Pete the Cat would say, “It’s all good!” Also, just so you know, I posted a video on my HeidiSongs Facebook page of my tutoring group working on