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Managing a Kindergarten Rest Time

Does your early childhood class include a rest or naptime?  If so, do you know the best way to manage it to increase the chances that the children (and YOU) will get a chance to rest your minds and bodies?  Read on to find out how I managed rest time in my kindergarten classroom- (waaaay back when we were allowed to have one!) If you have a very long day in Kindergarten, you may choose to include a rest or nap time.  And most preschools that run all day do include a nap time as well!  When I taught full day Kindergarten, it was obvious that the children needed to rest in the afternoon in order to make it through the day.  And I was CERTAIN that I needed one!  But I soon discovered that having some definite rules in place regarding our rest time was essential to make it run smoothly. To get started, EVERYONE (and I mean EVERYONE) was expected to get a drink and go to the bathroom before we started. If they asked me later, the answer was a definite NO during our rest time.  Ot