Teaching Second Graders to Write a Biography Report (Free Sample!)

This year, I found out that the all of the second graders at my school would need to read a BIOGRAPHY of a famous person and then write a report on it!  So I created an Easy Biography Graphic Organizer and Book Report Lapbook for them!  It turned out to be a GREAT way to introduce them to writing a first biography!

So while my first graders were writing their insect reports (see last week's post on that!) I needed to have my second graders working on their biographies. So what is a combination class teacher to do?  The biography reports were similar in format to the insect lapbook so that I could try to work with both groups at the same time.  Luckily, I was able to introduce the concept of the biographies and do a practice one with the second graders alone one day when all of the first graders left on an all day field trip.  Thank goodness!

Basically, I think that the procedure I did actually worked out pretty well, and their reports came out very nicely!  In a sense, I would ca…

An Easy Fairy Tale Book Report Organizer & Lapbook! (Freebies!)

Today I am excited to share a fun way to teach children to create a book report about a fairy tale- by creating a "lapbook" that serves as a graphic organizer and castle craftivity at the same time! This is a wonderful project to do for display for a parent visitation night, such as Open House, or to create as a culminating project to show what children have learned.

I displayed ours last year that my first and second graders created in my combination class, along with their princess, knight, beanstalk, and castle craftivities! Basically, the whole room was decorated with fairy tale themed projects, and it looked wonderful! (Keep reading for some freebies and samples!!!)

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Just in case you are not familiar, a "lapbook" is kind of like making a piece of an interactive notebook on a file folder! It…

A Dragon Head Craftivity! (FREEBIE!)

This week, we made these CUTE dragon heads for our fairy tale unit! I was inspired after seeing them done on this blog post here. There were no instructions or templates, so I came up with my own. I'm loving the way they turned out and the kids had a blast putting them together!! I'm including the instructions and templates for you so you can make your own fire-breathing faces with your class, FREE!!! :)


Cut all of the paper pieces ahead of time: the head, ears, eyebrows, flames, eyes, and nostrils. Make sure that you pay attention to how many pieces of each item are needed per child. For example, each child will need two ear pieces, but only one head, etc.

A.Paint the paper for the head using bubble wrap in advance in order to let it dry. If you copy the head shape onto the back of the paper, then you can paint the front of the paper on the other side. After the children cut it out, only the painted side will show, not the cutting lines.

In order to paint using bub…