NEW! CVC Word Family Bingo in COLOR, Plus Mixed Vowel CVC Games!

Today I am excited to tell you about one of our newest products to help practice CVC words (AKA consonant vowel consonant words): our CVC Bingo, in COLOR!  Yes, we finally got ALL of the CVC flash cards from our two CVC books, both Volume One and Volume Two colored, and so now we are putting them into games and activities such as this set of bingo games!

Many of you may know that we already had many of these CVC bingo games in black and white included with the CVC workbooks. But now we have updated the games to include some review games that MIX UP THE VOWELS up as well, to further challenge the kids that are ready.  I had been finding that there was a need for this in my classroom as over the last few years, and had made some up.  We just didn't have a full set of them ready for sale until now!

AND, for TWO days only- TODAY AND TOMORROW, July 22-23rd, we are offering 50% OFF of these two bingo games ONLY to help launch this new product!  This discount will be available on both T…

Miss Heidi's 3D Shapes Game and More!

Are you teaching your kids the names of the 3D shapes? The names of these volume shapes can be hard for the kids to remember because they are truly academic vocabulary. Although kids may hear and use the words cube and cone, the words sphere and cylinder are probably not in their everyday vocabulary! So finding ways for them to remember the words and getting kids to use them is the key.

So here is a little game that I used to play every year with my Kindergartners, and they LOVED it! It's very simple, and the directions are below!

Miss Heidi's 3D Shapes Game

Preparation:  Before playing, you'll need to teach the kids the songs for the 3D shapes so that they know them pretty well. The songs for the cube, cone, and sphere are on Musical Math Volume One, and the Cylinder Song is on Musical Math Volume Two. (I'm sorry! I originally did not write a cylinder song because my district didn't require it in Kindergarten, but I added it in later.)

1. Sing the songs for the 3D…

A Twist on the Headband Game!

Here’s a fun, new, twist on the classic Headband Game that makes it reusable and adaptable to any subject and any level!  AND it gets the kids up and moving as they learn, so that’s an even greater bonus!!!!  This awesome idea was suggested by a participant in one of my workshops when I presented the Sight Word Headband Game and wondered aloud how to make this adaptable to kids in higher grades that learn their new words much more quickly.  So I tried it out myself, and voilá!  It worked out great!  My own class has done this now a few times and they LOVE it!

So here is how it works; I’ll remind you of the my original version first.  With the original Sight Word Headband Game, I wrote a word on a strip of paper and formed it into a headband.  The kids all put one on, and then walked around the room and wrote the words that they found on their friends’ heads next to their friends’ names on a sheet of paper.

Now with this second “twist” on this “Advanced” Headband Game, all you need to…

More Tips for Helping Young Children with ADHD Succeed in School

If you work with young children, chances are very good that you will have a few that  have the SYMPTOMS of ADHD!  So whether or not the children have been diagnosed, you will need to figure out how to help them succeed.  Here are several more ways to make that happen!

1.  Reduce Classroom Stimuli- (AKA:  Keep the clutter under control, and don't over-do on decorations!)

When we decorate our classrooms for special events, sometimes the extra visual stimuli can affect special needs children negatively. But they sure are beautiful, aren't they?

Before the year begins think about the decorations and layout of your classroom. Chances are pretty good that there will be at least a handful of students who have symptoms of ADHD on your class list. Some children may not be able to focus in a highly decorated room, unfortunately!  If you wind up with a child that simply can't focus at all, it's worth considering how your room environment is affecting him or her.  You may want to …

Top Websites with Learning Games and More For Preschool and Kindergarten

Recently, on my Facebook page I asked for math and reading website recommendations for Preschool and Kindergarten aged children. I received so many great suggestions that I wanted to share them with you here.

1. Starfall

Starfall is a site to help kids learn language arts skills both at home and school. With four different areas of study, this site is great for moving children from basic letter recognition to reading comprehension. Starfall offers packages for families and classrooms and each package includes online and printable materials.  Just about every educator I know has heard of Starfall!  As for me, I never really got "into" using it.  Sorry, but the bitmapped images really bug me!  There is a free site and a paid membership site that starts at $30 for home use and $70 per year for a teacher with six students.  (Who has only six students?)  It's $150 per year for a teacher with the entire classroom signed up.  (Ouch.)

2. PBS Kids Play

PBS Kids Play provides fun l…