A Color Word Letter Sort - FREEBIE!

A few years ago, I developed this activity when I was trying to have the children look for certain letters of the alphabet in environmental print, such as magazines and newspapers.  The problem that we were having was that the children who came to the center first would tend to find the majority of the largest and “best” letters in the magazines, and by the time the last group came to the center, there was almost nothing left in those magazines for them to cut out and sort!  So I decided to solve this problem by printing out some words in large print that would be meaningful to them- namely, the color words printed in color!

In the activity, children can cut the letters apart and sort them by the letter of the alphabet.  This is meant to mimic the activity in which children search for large letters in environmental print, such as magazines and newspapers. For children that are learning to read the color words, these words qualify as environmental print for them.  It also helps them fo…

FREE Growth Mindset Posters for Young Children

I recently heard of the term, "Growth Mindset" and I'm excited to teach this wonderful positive way of thinking to my students next year.  To help teach it, I decided to make some posters and share them with you!

Of course, I found several paid items on TPT that are beautiful, but look like they will require a lot of ink.  So I decided to save my money for my new flexible seating items (more on that later!) and just print out my own version of the Growth Mindset posters in black and white, but on some bright, colored cardstock that I already had on hand.  I hope that they are useful to you!

If you are not familiar with Growth Mindset, the idea is pretty simple.  Both adults and children are trained to think in terms of mistakes being tools that help us grow, rather than something we avoid.  Also, we try to remember that it's effort that makes the difference rather than innate talent.  So, we avoid telling kids, "You are SO SMART," or "You are SO GOOD A…

How to Teach Kids the Alphabet Through Movement

Did you know that one of the very best ways to teach kids the alphabet is by letting them get up and MOVE?  It's true!  After teaching Kindergarten for 20 years, I can tell you that many more children learn better by getting up and moving than by attempting to sit still and concentrate.  So if you have ever been totally frustrated by a lack of learning in your own child or your class because those old flash cards aren't doing the job, just keep reading.

I wrote this in response to a question that was emailed to me on our website, and after I wrote up the answer, I thought it might make a good post!  So let me first start with the question, and then the answer may make a little bit more sense!


"Can you please explain how the Alphabet Action Picture Book helps children learn the alphabet and sounds?  How do you teach them using the book, and how does the book help them make the connection to the sounds?"


It's really not the book alone that helps the…

The Letter Reversal Mystery and Solutions

Today we have a wonderful guest blog post that sheds some light on the mystery of letter reversals (backwards letters) and offers some great solutions!  This post was written by my friend and fellow educator Cindy Pahr.

Cindy Pahr, Founder of EduCLIME, LLC, has been an educator in both special and general education, teaching, training and curriculum development since 1982. Cindy's teaching credentials certify her as a Teacher of Students with Physical and Health Impairments and General Education. She is also a Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer utilizing her extensive knowledge of the brain and learning.  You can read even more about Cindy at the end of this post!  I hope you enjoy it!

We've all seen it: kids that struggle with letter reversals. Maybe it's switching d's and b's, maybe it's the infamous backward S. As teachers, we have all encountered letter reversals in the classroom, and wondered what to do about it. Helping stude…

Eight Great Ways to Teach Long Vowel Words

In this post, I am going to tell you eight great ways to teach kids to read words with long vowel sounds!  I have been working hard at this with the intervention kids this year in my second grade class, and we have really been enjoying some of these activities!  The great thing is that the techniques are not only fun, but very effective as well!

It does feel a little bit strange to know that I have done many of these activities with my advanced Kindergartners in the past, and yet here I am again doing them in second grade.  Yet childhood is truly a journey, not a race.  Many of these sweet children have not had as many advantages as some that I have had in the past.  And others in my intervention group are probably just late bloomers or had their learning experiences delayed for one reason or another.  (They are not all in my homeroom class; at my school, we switch kids for intervention classes.)

In any case, what I have is a group of 12 second grade students that often GUESS at words…

NEW Pete the Cat Freebie: Matching Numbers & Shoes Counting Activity!

Do you LOVE Pete the Cat?  Me, too!  So here’s a fun NEW Pete the Cat freebie to start the new year off right!  It’s our Pete the Cat Matching Numbers and Shoes Counting Activity!  In this activity, kids will find the correct number of shoes to put in Pete’s closet and attach them with Velcro.  So, they will count out four shoes for the closet with the number four, and six shoes for the closet with number six!  It’s as easy as that.

 In my Kindergarten (and TK!) classroom, I love to provide lots of different ways to match numerals to sets, and this is my newest one!  The kids sure do love Pete the Cat, so I decided I would create something new to go along with our Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes book!

If you have been following our blog for more than a year, then you are probably aware of the various Pete the Cat freebies that we already have on this blog. So at the end of this post, we’ll link to a few! Meanwhile, be sure to check out or great songs and other resources for math