Teaching Kids to Use a Word Wall and "A Wandering Word Wall" FREEBIE!

Today I am going to explain how to teach kids to use a word wall, and about a really great writing tool that I like to use in my classroom called "The Wandering Word Wall."  "The Wandering Word Wall" is a small, portable word wall that you print and mount on a file folder so that children can take it with them and use in any area of the classroom.

But whether your word wall is large or small, if you don't teach the children how to use it, you'll probably find that it is just taking up valuable wall space in your classroom and that it serves little or no purpose!

A portable word wall is a great tool to have, because often there are so many children in a classroom that they wind up trying to do writing assignments while sitting in desks that are a bit too far away from the real word wall, and so they can't really see the words well enough to use it.  This makes them want to get up and walk around the room to check the spelling of a word, etc.  I think th…

Ten Great Ideas for Thanksgiving! (Freebie Alert!)

Here are TEN GREAT IDEAS for your little ones for Thanksgiving, and most of them are FREE!  I hope you enjoy this little "round up!"  :)

Also, check out our newest little video of me reading our new Opposite Rhyming Songbook to my little friends in Mary's first grade class!  It came out SO cute!!!  I LOVE this little book!

1.  Here is the a little printable reading book that I made a few years ago with a November/fall theme!

I wrote it to help my kids practice their sight words.  I gave each child an index card with certain sight words on it that were each colored a certain color.  So then I had them find and color their sight words throughout the book.  For example, they had to find all of the word "like" and color it red on every page in their little books.  Then they had to find and color the word "my" yellow through out the book, etc.

2.  Turkey Feathers Matching Sets - Freebie!

For this one, you just print out the turkeys and glue them on to some…

A Thanksgiving Draw-and-Tell Story Freebie

Today I am going to tell you how I Turned my Thanksgiving Sound Effects Story into a Draw-and-Tell Story.  It was fun and easy, and the children LOVED it!  I am also giving you a free download of the Sound Effects Story and the little easy to draw Thanksgiving icons that I made up, just in case you would also like to try it!

Not long ago, I read a blog entry from “Teach Preschool”’s Deborah Stewart called Thanksgiving time story telling with symbols in preschool.  As I read about this idea, it occurred to me that it would be a great idea to combine it with my existing Sound Effects Story for Thanksgiving! (Click here to see the post with the Thanksgiving Sound Effects Story.  It's free!)  So I tried it and it was a huge hit!  My students were totally enthralled, and just loved it!

I have done other kinds of “Draw and Tell” stories before, and they have always been very well received, so this should have been no surprise.  However, I have never tried to combine the two ways to tel…

Phonics Coloring Worksheets for Word Families! (Freebies!)

Today, we are very excited to introduce our new Phonics Coloring Worksheets for Word Families, which give kids practice finding & reading words with common phonics spelling rules, & a chance to color creatively, too!  They also give children practice reading and contrasting words from two different word families, so this is really great practice in sounding out words.

As children find and color the pictures according to the words that are written inside of them, they get valuable practice thinking of reading words in terms of word families and phonics spelling patterns. The coloring makes it fun, too!  I think that these worksheets are the PERFECT addition for "morning work" in phonics, if I do say so myself!   And we have a couple of freebies for you to try out yourself, if you like!  Scroll all the way down the bottom to find them!  Otherwise, click here to purchase them for just $5 per volume!  Here's a link to Volume 1, and here's a link to Volume 2.