10 Simple Memory Tricks to Help Kids Learn the Alphabet

Sometimes, kids have trouble learning the alphabet.  And when this happens, teachers and parents will use anything and everything to help them learn.  And often, inventing a mnemonic device (also known as a memory trick, a memory booster, or even a gimmick) about the more difficult letters can really help!  In this article, I'm going to share the little tricks I use to help my kids that struggle remember the letter NAMES.  If you are looking for a way to help your kids learn the letter SOUNDS , then please see my post here! I always start by teaching the letter sounds, and I do this with my trusty Zoo Phonics cards.  This is relatively easy because it is an active way of teaching and kids love it!  To find out more, please read the post I just mentioned above.  This sound and letter name connection is EXTREMELY HELPFUL and makes the crossover from letter sounds to names easy for MOST of the children- but they have to have some good phonemic awareness skills in place.  That

Managing the Merry-Go-Round: Virtual, Hybrid, In Person, REPEAT!

Hello everyone!  Today I am going to explain how you can efficiently switch back and forth from in person to virtual learning to Hybrid, etc., and then back again, etc.  I will also explain how I managed hybrid instruction as well.  This was in Transitional Kindergarten (TK), but I believe that the ideas should apply to any elementary grade level.  At the time I taught TK, the students needed to turn five by December 2 in order to start school. In my district, families may choose to Zoom from home or send the children in for in person school, and we were required to teach both groups concurrently .  We sent home printed packets for the children to use at home every other week, and had to post it online, too! Children often spent unexpected days at home when they were scheduled to be at school, and this is how I managed this situation.   A Little More Background Info In the district where I taught in Southern CA, we taught virtually for nearly the entire school year, from August 26, 20

TK Distance Learning Packet: SPRING - LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL - Week 13!

Here's my  Distance Learning packet for TK   for the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL ! My packet this week is filled with SUMMER FUN THEME !!  In this file, you will find all of the work for one week of school for TK, with some worksheets that will work for Kindergarten, for both Math and Language Arts subjects. We've included a variety of worksheets and activities, so feel free to use any or all of it with your students! These packets have continued to help me during this time!  Whether you're doing hybrid teaching like me, all online teaching, or all in-person teaching, I hope you find these packets helpful as well! :) This week focuses on :  Reviewing Letters A-Z, Reviewing Numbers 0-20, Letter fluency practice for letters A-Z, Summer Sun Alphabet Writing A-Z, Number Fluency Chart: 0-20, Circle, square, oval, triangle, rectangle, hexagon fluency chart, Summer Graph, Finger Counting addition worksheet - Sums to 7, Sticker or Dot patterns page, Roll a Sight Word page Hands on ac