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Christmas Count the Room & Write the Room! (EDITABLE!)

Today I'd like to tell you about TWO NEW products up on my Teachers Pay Teachers store :  Christmas Count the Room AND Write the Room !  My class has been having a ball with these activities during the last few weeks, and now they are EXPERTS at hunting down anything I may choose to hide in my room, LOL!  If I hide it, they will definitely read it and/or count it!  If you are unfamiliar with this type of activity, then you are in for a TREAT!  Just WAIT until you see how much fun this is! Write the Room Write the Room is super fun because the kids get to go on a word hunt all around the room!  You print and post the word cards all around the room.  And then the kids get to GET UP, and walk around the room with clipboard and a recording sheet, and write the words next to the matching holiday picture.  So if the word "the" is next to the present on the card, they write the word "the" next to the present on their recording sheet. The cool thing a