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Alphabet Pattern Blocks and Sounds Fun Phonics Cards!

Well, we finally did it! We found a place that would print our   Sounds Fun cards for us at a reasonable price! We also made a Sounds Fun poster that is a wonderful thing to have, because it has all of the cards blown up in one easy to handle or hold poster. This is great news for everyone who has been put off by the idea of having to download and print your own Sounds Fun cards. The cards turned out beautifully! They are on a nice, glossy, medium weight card stock that look and feel pretty sturdy and may not even need to be laminated! My kids love using the Alphabet Pattern Blocks cards and I have found that they can be used as a nice, ready-made literacy center for alphabet practice, and later in the year, to have the children make words, too!  Last year,I had my kids first make the words with real blocks on the cards.  Then, I printed out the letters for each child in black and white and had parent volunteers glue them down to help them practice certain “trouble” wor

Super Hero Father’s Day Cards!

My class has been so “into” that Zero the Hero song and super heroes in general this year that I thought that it would be fun to make a Zero the Hero project !  But what we really needed was to make a Father’s Day card!  The solution?  I decided to create a Super Dad Father’s Day card! So I decided to check out the picture that I had taken with Zero the Hero at a Kindergarten conference that I attended, and model the picture after that.  Then I wrote “SD” on the shirt and had the kids write, “Super Dad” on the top of the card!  On the inside, we wrote, “Dear Dad, You are my hero!  Love, ____.”  I also had the kids write a letter to their dad, telling him what they would like to thank him for.  The cards turned out SUPER cute! ;) One thing I did to make it a little easier was to have parents draw a little “x” where the head should be glued.  The head must be glued down first in the right place, or the children will not be able to complete the project at all, because