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Ideas For Christmas Programs for K-3

Over the years, I have done lots of fun things with my class for Christmas programs. My favorites are my two musicals, The Gingerbread Man and The Mitten . I usually rotate them each year for my class to do. These plays are on my website, along with some little video clips of them from my class. But there are some other songs I have done that are less of "A Production" but still lots of fun. We loved doing "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" a couple of years in a row. I found the music on a Christmas CD that I already had at home. We had a mom in our class paint some cardboard cutouts and made come Christmas trees for a few of the kids to hold. There was a hole for the face. We divided the kids into groups of 7-8 and had them form circles. Then we picked a child to be the Dancing Christmas Tree, and put that child in the middle of the circle. That child was supposed to bounce and dance as the children circled around him or her. When we came to