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The Calendar Book

Have you ever heard of the Calendar Book?  The Calendar book is not a game, but a daily activity that can be done whole group.  When you do the Calendar Book with your class, the children have their own calendar books that they fill in as you update the class calendar each day, or as close to daily as you can get. The Calendar Book can have as few or as many pages in it as you like. The general idea is that it starts out simple near the beginning of the year, and then you add a new component (or page to do) each month.  Of course, the more components you add to it, the longer it takes a class to complete it.  So you can “tweak it” to make it last as long as you want it to last. Usually, a calendar book contains (at least) a copy of the monthly calendar, to which the children add the date.  Then after that, usually there would be a 1-100 chart to which the children add one number each day when the teacher adds a number to the big one on the wall (assuming you have

Whole Group Games: Entry #8

Well, this is it!  This is the very last set of whole group games in my series for the summer.  That’s a good thing, since school is starting for me on August the 23rd, so my time has definitely run out!  I hope you have enjoyed this series. On a side note, we have just completed our DVD for Sing and Spell Vol. 5 !  It is now available for purchase on the website.  To celebrate our newest creation, we are offering a free shipping code for you from now until the end of this month, August 31st!  It is SPELL5.  You will find lots of new combos and sets on the website, too, as well as a brand new book with Mini-Songbooks and worksheets that go along with Sing and Spell Vol. 1 .  So check it out! And now for the games!  The first one is an outside game. What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? What you need : A big grassy field with lots of room to run, plenty of energy and good running shoes! The set up: The kids line up on one side of the grass, preferably along a fence.  The teacher is on th

Whole Group Games and Activities - Entry # 7

Here’s my next set of games that you can do as a whole group with your class!  My favorite here is definitely the Cup Game!  This one is a “classic” that I use every year, without fail.  The kids always love this guessing game.  Be sure to watch the little video of my class playing this game.  It’s cute! What's in My Pocket? What you need: Some small toys that can fit in children's pockets, and a bunch of kids! How to play: Have the children bring something from home that fits into their pocket, (or give them each something when it is their turn.)  Ask them to give the class a hint as to what might be in their pocket without giving it away.  The rest of the class should take turns guessing.  It helps to model what a hint is for them, so that they can figure out what you want.  Some children may have no idea and will just blurt out the answer!  One little boy last year stood up in front of everyone and said, “It’s a car.” The Cup Game  What you need: Paper cups