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Leveling Reading Books

Recently, someone asked me how to correctly identify the reading level of a book, and what levels were appropriate for Kindergarten. So I thought that I would share this information on my blog, just in case anyone else out there was wondering, too. I am always interested to hear what reading levels are expected of Kindergarten children in different parts of the country, so if you would like to comment and share what levels are expected at your school, please do so! There are several different systems for leveling books. If you look on this site, , you can easily see the difference. First, look in the upper right corner of the page for these words: Grade Level Equivalent Lexile Framework for Reading Guided Reading DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) These are four different systems of leveling books. In other words, what we have here are four different ways of saying the same thing. All you have to do is type in the name of a

Back To School Night Presentations

My Back To School Night Presentation has grown over the years, and it is probably a bit too long by now! Last year, I made my first power point presentation to show for Back to School Night, and now I would never want to give the presentation without it! Below I have listed the most important elements of this presentation. Also included are lots of pictures of special events from previous years’ Kindergarten classes. I include photos of the important items that I am discussing, such as our “All About Me” bags for sharing, the children’s book bag for homework books, plus the book bags for our library books. My Back to School Night Presentation Includes: 1. Review of general procedures regarding homework, Read Aloud Charts , birthdays, sharing days (or each child’s “All About Me” week. 2. Go over Monthly Themes and Special Events handout , and discuss the highlights. 3. Give library days and policy for checking out homework books. 4. Discuss the Accelerated Reader Pr