Transitional Kindergarten Distance Learning Packets - Fall Week 4! No Prep Printables!

This is a printable Distance Learning packet for TK, WEEK FOUR, and the FOURTH week of the Fall (first) trimester for Heidi! In this file, you will find all of the work for one week of school, for TK for both Math and Language Arts subjects. We've included a variety of worksheets and activities, so feel free to use any or all of it with your students! We have included practice with sorting, letter recognition, counting, patterning, and scissor practice. This week we're also finishing the "A Pancake is a Circle" book craft for parents (or the teacher) to print out and do. Directions for how to make this craft is included, along with photos of each completed project.

This week focuses on: Letter: B, Number: 2, Shape: square, Sight Word: I (word), Basic concepts fluency chart: Letter B or Not B?, Number 2 or Not 2?, Word "I" or Not "I"?, Square or Not a Square?, Counting Creatures: Write Number 2 & find groups of 2, Hidden Alphabet Worksheet - letter B, Shape Creatures Worksheet - square trace page, Letter B Practice on sky-grass-dirt page

Hands on activities include: AB Patterns linking cubes activity, Stickers on Apples Counting activity 1-5, Finish "A Pancake is a Circle" book project: Pages 7 & 8, Matching Sets cards, 0-5: cut apart and match activity, Torn Paper Letter B activity, Dot art letter B page, Trace & Scissor practice page, Does it Rhyme? "Musical Chair" game

Directions & some templates for art projects are included, along with photos of each completed project. Please note that this packet is appropriate for TK, but can be used in Kindergarten depending on your class needs.

We've divided everything up by day of the week, (Monday-Friday) so you have the option of sending this entire packet to students, with everything labeled out on what to do each day! Permission is granted to distribute to families/students in your classroom.

In my (Heidi’s) experiences, children in TK generally need much more time to learn, and even more developmentally appropriate, hands-on activities than are necessary for most children in Kindergarten. Check out our HeidiSongs internet video site for more videos and songs to help kids learn their letters, shapes, numbers, and more, and follow along with the Monthly Kindergarten Pacing Guide collections if wanted. However, a subscription to our internet video streaming site is not included.

Click here for Fall Week 4, the one in this blog.

Happy Teaching!

-Heidi :)

P.S. Don't forget all our videos are available to STREAM on UScreen, FREE for the first 30 days!   It's an awesome way to bring some EASY, active learning to your students during this time, and they can always cancel right before they are ever charged, like on day 29! Check out the info page on our website for more info!

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