TK & Kindergarten Distance Learning Packets - Fall Week 4! No Prep Printables!

Here we go! My Fall Week 4 Distance Learning Packets are ready for you! Just like last week, there are two different packets in this download - one for Kindergarten and one for Transitional Kindergarten. They do have some similar worksheets but there are certain math and language arts worksheets that are geared towards the each level of learning. You can also get it in a bundle with the packets for fall, weeks 1-3 right here.

Because of there are two grade levels included, these are great packets for split (combination) classes! A list of recommended HeidiSongs music videos for the week is also included, and it links to our HeidiSongs internet video site. However, a subscription to our internet video streaming site is not included. You are welcome to eliminate this page as needed.

We've divided everything up by day of the week, (Monday-Friday) so you have the option of sending this entire packet to students, with everything labeled out on what to do each day! Permission is granted to distribute to families/students in your classroom.

You may notice that there are lots of hands-on activities for math included. However, on each of these “worksheets,” (which are more like parent handouts), I have stated on it that it is fine to substitute another type of toy or manipulative, such as Lego bricks, etc.

We designed this packet so that parents could do it without teacher help, assuming they can read and comprehend the basic instructions. However, it can also be used with teacher guidance online via Zoom or Google Meet, etc. The idea is that if your technology fails, the parents can continue working with their children. It should work both ways.

Each item in this packet is the very similar to the ones I would have done in the classroom. In fact, I am just using my lesson plans from both TK and K to create it! Luckily, I have taught both grades, and am currently starting my fourth year of teaching TK. I taught Kindergarten for 20 years!

Click here for Fall Week 4, the one in this blog.

Happy Teaching!

-Heidi :)

P.S. Don't forget all our videos are available to STREAM on UScreen, FREE for the first 30 days!   It's an awesome way to bring some EASY, active learning to your students during this time, and they can always cancel right before they are ever charged, like on day 29! Check out the info page on our website for more info!

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Patty Fleming said…
Hi Heidi,

I have purchased all your dvds and have been using them for years but am having trouble using them for Distance learning. I've also been using your Distance learning packets and I thought somewhere I saw a monthly program for using the songs on the song list for each week but I can't find that now. Also somewhere I saw a post about giving parents free access. I hate to bother you, I know you are even busier than I am, but I don't want to look for other music if I don't have to.

Thanks for all you do.

Patty Fleming
HeidiSongs said…
Hi Patty!

YES, you're thinking of our Kinder Pacing Guide collection on UScreen! Here's the link! And yes, for a limited time, due to the current circumstances, we have lifted the 3 device limit on teachers' streaming accounts and the parents may log into the account, using your log in info and watch the videos during any learning time! If the parents want to be logged into multiple devices or access the songs during personal time, they must pay for their own subscription. I hope this made sense! Please email our office if you have any more questions! They can get back to you quickly there! :)

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