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Signs of Dyslexia?

This week, I am going to tell you about the early signs of dyslexia, and what are normal letter reversals in written kindergarten work as opposed to reversals that indicate a problem such as dyslexia. Below, I have also posted some examples of my students' writing from last week, and I specifically chose writing that included what I consider to be "normal" reversals in them as examples.  I will explain more about that below, but just in case you were wondering about the writing project itself, I decided to have the children make a sticker book to try to motivate some of my reluctant writers.  The idea was that everyone would title their book, "What is it?" and then write a "This is a _____," sentence with a sticker above it.  I told the children that they would receive the sticker of their choice for their next page AFTER they wrote the sentence for the first page!   Children that finished the "What Is It?" book in a timely manner ha

A Counting Creatures Workbook for Numbers 11-20!

This winter, we have been working on creating a completely new book full of fun worksheets to reinforce the numbers 11-20, and now Counting Creatures 11-20 is finally finished!  My class has had a ball trying them out, and I have been itching to tell you all about them, but there wasn't much point in telling you about a product that wasn't yet available at the time!  But now, the book is completely finished, and I must say that I think that it is a GEM!  I haven't yet seen a workbook full of activities that were focused exclusively on the numbers 11-20, so I think it will be very useful for those of us that need something else to give our students that are still struggling with these tricky numbers. Just like the Counting Creatures book for the numbers 0-10 , this book starts out with a count and move-along poem, but this time the children are counting out much larger numbers!  Also, we are not simply clapping this time, we are also jumping, hopping, running