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Fall WEEK 2 - TK/Kinder Distance Learning Packet! (NO PREP PRINTABLES!)

Here we go! WEEK TWO of my printable Distance Learning packet for TK or Kindergarten ! In this file, you will find all of the work for one week of school, for either TK or Kindergarten for both Math and Language Arts subjects. There are a whole bunch of hands on activities for the kids to do.  I made this one specifically for the SECOND WEEK OF SCHOOL, but it would also work at any other time!  The lesson plans this week are the same for both TK and Kindergarten, but starting next week they will be differentiated and split into two different packets. There are two worksheets to help with practice to write the letters A, B, C, & D, along with an art project for the Letter A. We have also included practice with sorting, letter recognition, counting, patterning, and scissor practice. This week we're also starting the "A Pancake is a Circle" book craft for parents (or the teacher) to print out and do. Directions for how to make this craft is included. I have also inclu

How to Create QR Codes for the Classroom

Did you know that children as young as preschool and kindergarten age can easily learn to scan QR codes? Scanning QR codes and doing something with the “surprise” messages that come up is a fun, meaningful, and EASY way for even very young children to use technology in the classroom.  QR codes can be used as a tool for a variety of reasons. Businesses use QR codes as an advertisement tool, giving their customer a convenient avenue to find out more information about their company. More recently, however, QR codes have emerged into the educational world as a fun and exciting way to integrate technology into the classroom. Making a QR code is easy to do and, if you know the right places to go, it is absolutely FREE! When making a QR code, you must have access to an iPod, iPad or other mobile device that can be used in your classroom. The device you use must have camera capabilities in order for the necessary apps to run, and access to the internet.  Create Something that You Want Your

Parent Guide Posters: Essential Skills for Early Learning!

Will you be doing distance learning this year?  Have you been wondering how you will be able to get young children started on those vital basic skills, when they are not even in the same room as you are?  This set of editable parent guide posters are designed to teach parents how to work with their children at home on some very basic, essential skills, such as teaching pencil grip, teaching their child to write their name, how to help a child learn to use scissors, glue, glue stick, etc.   These posters are fully editable, so you may use your text or mine, and your images or mine! With these posters, you can quickly make these “your own” by inserting your own key phrases for instruction, such as “Just a drop, not a lot,” etc., for using basic school supplies. You can also insert your own translations to make them just perfect for your OWN school community! All documents are provided in both color and black and white. These are available in both English AND Spanish, with both being ed

TK/Kinder Distance Learning Packet: Fall Week 1 - NO PREP PRINTABLES!

Will you be teaching remotely this year?  This is a printable Distance Learning packet for TK or Kindergarten, WEEK ONE ! In this file, you will find all of the work for one week of school, for either TK or Kindergarten for both Math and Language Arts subjects. We've included a variety of worksheets and activities, so feel free to use any or all of it with your students! Learning to write names is a huge part of the first month of school, so there are two different EDITABLE NAME WORKSHEETS included to make it easier for you to send families an example of how children’s names should be written. We have also included practice with tracing, pre-writing strokes, and scissor practice, and four different art projects for parents (or the teacher) to print out and do. Please note that this packet is appropriate for either TK or Kindergarten, but in future packets, we will differentiate the two levels as they begin to diverge. In my experiences of having taught both TK and Kindergarten, th