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How to Combine Zoo-Phonics with HeidiSongs

On the first day of school, I introduce the Zoo-Phonics characters and movements from A-Z, usually as early in the day as I can.  Then, later in the day, (usually after recess), I also introduce my Jumpin' Numbers and Shapes cards, along with a few of the songs (usually Zero, One, Two, and Three.)  The next day, I do Zoo-Phonics again early in the day from A-Z (although my cards are always mixed up and not in any particular order.) Later again, usually after recess, I review the Jumpin' Numbers and Shapes cards and sing the songs we learned the day before.  Then I introduce another few songs- maybe the songs for Four, Five, and Six.  Each day, I follow this routine, along with the other things you would normally do on the first few days of school, like read stories about starting school, play games with names, learn how to make patterns, do some graphs, etc. Every day, then, I add on a couple of new number songs and review the previous songs.  How many songs