Creepy Crayon: Free Craft Template!

Today, I am going to give you a link to our free Creepy Crayon craft that we made to accompany the book Creepy Crayon by Aaron Reynolds!  Yay!  If you are a fan of Creepy Carrots and A Creepy Pair of Underwearthen you were probably just as excited as I was for the next book in the series, Creepy Crayon!  And so by popular demand, we have have included the Creepy Crayon craft here as a free download!  We have also included links to our other crafts for Aaron Reynold's creepy books, too.  They are such fun!

The Illustrations are FAB!

I definitely need to give a shout out to illustrator Peter Brown, whose wonderful illustrations play a huge part in the popularity of these books!  I love the way he made almost all of it in gray tones, except for the crayon, of course!  The illustrations really give the story a creepy, but friendly tone.  I know I'll be a Peter Brown fan forever!

This is a photo of my Creepy Carrots crafts samples in my classroom before I retired.

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Creepy Crayon Synopsis

If you haven't read Creepy Crayon yet, I'll give you a brief synopsis.  (Spoiler alert!)  Our hero, Jasper Rabbit, is struggling in school; the only subject he isn't failing is art.  Enter the Creepy Crayon, which shows up unexpectedly to lend Jasper a hand.  Jasper finds that when he uses that creepy purple crayon, he can't fail!  He gets both his spelling and his math tests 100% correct.  But things take a turn when the crayon decides to also "correct" Jasper's art work.  The crayon redraws the whole thing perfectly in purple, and Jasper wins the poster contest.  But Jasper really wanted to do it himself.  

He then finally realizes that he doesn't like getting credit for the crayon's work, so he tries to get rid of it.  Just as in the other books, Jasper has to try several times before he finally gets rid of the creepy thing permanently, this time by flushing it down the toilet.  Jasper decides that he would prefer to study and try a little harder to do well in school, and do it on his own.  Meanwhile, the crayon floats out into the ocean where someone else finds him, and... well, you can guess what would happen after that!

These are my former students' Creepy Underwear Crafts!  They were in Transitional Kindergarten, so they were older four year olds or young fives. 

It's Child Approved

In my opinion, this story has a bit more of a mature theme than the previous two books.  I'm not really sure if the author's point will be understood completely by the four and five year old children that I used to teach.  And older grade school kids may be puzzled that Jasper did NOT want the crayon to do his work!  But my five year old grandson, Elliot, pronounced it "The Most Hilarious Book in the Whole World," so what can I say?  He is quite artistic, so he may really understand that Jasper did not want someone else changing his artwork.  ❤️ We have read it more times together than I remember.  So while I was a little bit disappointed in the Creepy Crayon plot, it seems to be just fine with the young ones.  

Here is my five year old grandson working on his Creepy Crayon crafts.  He wanted to do as many as we had supplies for!

In any case, here is the link for our Creepy Crayon Craft.  And yes, it goes very well with the previous ones we created.  Now that I am retired, I am just a little disappointed that I won't be able to decorate a classroom with all of those creepy crafts!

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