Sight Word of the Day for Google Slides - TWO New Sets!

If you love my Letter of the Week and my Number of the Day Google Slides, you're going to LOVE this! I decided to make a Sight Word of the Day for Google Slides product, and so far, I'm pretty excited about it. I decided to start off with just 15 words for Set 1 and 20 words for Set 2, and depending how you guys like it, maybe we'll make more! :) 

The Sight Word of the Day SET 1 file contains a unique set of Google Slides for each of these 15 basic sight words for our youngest learners. Each sight word slide deck includes eight slides with one unique song and six quick activities to help children learn the words! We have even embedded the audio for each of our fun “Sing and Spell the Sight Words” songs! In addition, there’s a direct link to the specific Sing and Spell the Sight Words videos, just for the convenience of our internet video subscribers. (Subscription not included, but prices start at 99 cents per month with a three month minimum purchase.) If you are not a subscriber, it’s no problem; just use the attached audio file and on screen lyrics. For more information on HeidiSongs internet video subscriptions, please click here.

The 15 words included in Set 1 are:
A (word), and, can, for, go, I (word), is, like, my, play, see, the, to, we, you

The Sight Word of the Day SET 2 file contains 20 sight words, including 11 color words. Just like Set 1, each sight word slide deck in set 2 includes eight slides with one unique song and six quick activities to help children learn the words! The audio for each of our “Sing and Spell the Sight Words” songs is included in this set as well! There’s a direct link to the specific Sing and Spell the Sight Words videos for our internet video subscribers. (Again, subscription not included. Click here if you'd like to subscribe!)

The 20 words included in Set 2 are:
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white, gray, pink, are, have, he, here, look, me, said, she, with

The activities included in the slide decks are:
1. Draw the word in the air, then clap and read it.
2. Finger spell the word using American Sign Language (ASL) and then clap and read it.
3. Count the letters in the word, and show the number with fingers.
4. Tap once for each letter and clap to say the word, and then clap and read it. (You can have them tap on the table or their arms, etc. as you wish.)
5. Twist palms together once for each letter, and then clap and read it.
6. Read a sentence using the word. (There is a picture cue included, and only very basic sight words are used.)
7. Sing a HeidiSongs sight word song! I recommend that you read the words to the song, and then have them sing it with the audio. At that point, Heidisongs internet video subscribers may click the link to the video of the song. Those that do not subscribe would conclude the slide deck without clicking. Children will probably not notice the small link on the slide, so no worries!

Teachers may wish to add more activities or instructions for a word on any slide, including actually WRITE it with a dry erase marker, LOL! Another great activity is to have the children close their eyes, visualize it, and then spell it with their eyes closed! The instructions for each activity are printed in small type in the upper left corner of each slide, so any changes will probably go unnoticed by children who are just learning to read.

To access the slides, you will click on the link provided after your purchase, and it will prompt you to make a copy of it for your own Google Drive. After that, you may distribute it to your OWN students via whatever learning management system you use, such as Google Classroom or Canvas, Seesaw, etc. To add it to Seesaw, all you need to do is include a link! Please note that when you purchase one product, this is only a license for use in one teacher’s class.

You may or may not wish to display every single slide for each word, depending on your instructional goals. Thankfully, it is very easy to “hide” or just skip through certain slides in the file.  To hide a slide, first select it, then go to the menu. Tap “Slide,” and then select “skip.” **Please note that this product is NOT EDITABLE beyond the ability to skip the slides you do not wish to display.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email in! Write to! :)

Have fun!
- Heidi 

P.S. Don't forget all our videos are available to STREAM on UScreen, FREE for the first 30 days! It's an awesome way to bring some EASY, active learning to your students during this time, and they can always cancel right before they are ever charged, like on day 29! Check out the info page on our website for more info!

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