HeidiSongs CVC Bingo in COLOR, and More!

Who doesn't love a good game of BINGO? Then add in some CVC words to the mix!  Learning and playing a game, that's a win in our book!  We always LOVE to play bingo in my classroom, and I think it's great because every child is actively involved and on task the entire time.  No waiting for a turn in this game!  Our CVC bingo games are made especially for the youngest readers, because the children don't have to try to read the words alone.  The teacher (or caller) holds up a word card, and TOGETHER the group of kids try to sound out the word.  After that, they check to see if they have that picture on their card, and mark it if they do.

This Short Vowel Word Family Bingo Game is PERFECT for small groups or centers!!  It's a fun reinforcement when learning these word families and short vowel words. Simply print out the bingo mats and laminate or use in a page protector, cut the calling cards apart, and give the students a marker and let the bingo fun begin!

We have TWO volumes that include different word families. You can purchase them separately, or in a bundle for a discounted price! Each volume coincides with how the rest of our CVC products are broken down. :)  As you can see in the photos, some of the bingo cards have eight squares to fill in on their bingo cards, and some have 12.  I chose to put just eight pictures on each of the bingo cards for the easiest word families that are usually taught first.  Then, as kids grow in their ability to read CVC words, there are more pictures per card.

Here are the word families in CVC Bingo Vol. 1:

Short A: -an, -at
Short E: -et, -en, -eg
Short I: -it, -in, -ig, -ip
Short O: -op, -ot, -ox
Short U: -ug, -ut, -un

CVC Bingo Vol. 1 includes 143 pages: Instructions, 11 bingo games, with 8-10 bingo mats per game. Also includes a picture key for each word and calling cards that you can cut apart for each game.

Here are the word families in CVC Bingo Vol. 2:

Short A: -ad, -ag, -ap
Short E: -ed, -em
Short I: -id, -im
Short O: -od, -og
Short U: -ub, -ud, -um, -up

CVC Bingo Vol. 2  includes 133 pages: Instructions, 10 bingo games, with 8-10 bingo mats per game. Also includes a picture key for each word and calling cards that you can cut apart for each game.

These sets are $5 each on my TPT store, or you can grab the bundle for $8!


I'd also like to tell you about our CVC FLASHCARDS for Volume 1 and 2! Just like the bingo, you can purchase them separately as volumes, or the bundle for a discounted price! Unlike the bingo, these flashcards DO come white a black and white option, as well as the color! :)

These Short Vowel Word Family flashcards are great for a "Word Family of the Day/Week", and to help students learn these beginning word families.
The bundle includes flashcards in color and in black and white for all of the word families listed out below!

Short A: -an, -at, -ad, -ag, -ap
Short E: -et, -en, -eg, -ed, -em
Short I: -it, -in, -ig, -ip, -id, -im
Short O: -op, -ot, -ox, -od, -og
Short U: -ug, -ut, -un, -ub, -ud, -um, -up

The bundle includes 155 pages: Both color and black and white flashcards sized 3x3inches, and also includes smaller 1x1inch student sized flashcards for all of the word families listed above.

If you want to see how the word families are divided by volume, just scroll up to the bingo breakdown! They're split the same way. Again, you can get these flashcards by volume for $3 each on my TPT store, Volume 1 here and Volume 2 here, OR you can get the bundle with both volumes for $4.50!


I hope you enjoy these! The CVC Bingo game can be found here, and the CVC Flashcards here! Let me know if you have any questions!

- Heidi

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