Printable Distance Learning Packet for Kindergarten and TK! - Week 1

Hello friends!  Today I would like to share TWO 26 page Distance Learning Packets for parents of Kindergarten and TK (Transitional Kindergarten) kids to print and use at home during this time of quarantine due to the Covid-19 virus.  Only $3.75 on my TPT store!  Although I am terribly saddened by all of the events that led to this, I am happy to share this with you today!  I hope that this will be useful to you in some way!

This is actually the packet of work that I came up with to send home with my own students, and an ADDITIONAL PACKET to send home with the children that only started TK in January ("Spring TK"), so they are actually about five months behind us.  Spring TK is a program that my district started to give the children that missed the cut-off date for Fall TK a chance to enjoy a half of a year of the benefits that the rest of the children got!  (Fall TK is open for kids who turn five between September 2 and December 2; Spring TK is for kids who turn five from December 3 to May 31.)  Sadly, there is nothing in place yet for those kiddos with summer birthdays.

Although I made this for my kids in TK, I think that it might work just fine for many of you that teach Kindergarten.  At the minimum, it would be a great review, right?  Below are the concepts covered in the packet.  Some of these sheets came from products we already sell, and others are just things I had made in the past for my class, and never thought about sharing or selling.  So if the item came from a product for sale, I have linked to it below.

TK Packet Contents (Might work for Kindergarten, too!)  

Language Arts:
1.  April Weekly Reading Chart (To encourage reading every day!)
2.  Alphabet writing pages A-Z (front and back) with "Sky Grass Dirt" example pages (BW & Color)
3.  Alphabet Fluency Charts (A-L and M-Z capital and lowercase mixed.)
4.  Two sight word worksheets for the word “for"
5.  One sentence writing paper (Use the word “for” in a sentence.)
6.  One sight word fluency practice chart for TK
7.  One sound sort phonics worksheet for the letters A and I
8.  One rhyming words worksheet
9.  One color word worksheet (Egg theme)

1. One Teen Number counting worksheet (Bunny theme)
2.  Number Fluency Charts- (1-10 and 11-20 "tricky numbers")
3. One Egg Addition activity mat, paper eggs to count, and two worksheets (Addition within ten in BW & color)
4. Two Spring patterning pages with eggs to cut out and make patterns (BW & Color)
5.  One number writing page and an example page (0-20)
6.  One April calendar to fill in the missing numbers (0-30)
7. Two sorting practice pages with shapes to cut out and sort three ways

Spring TK Packet Contents

Language Arts:
1. April Weekly Reading Chart (Be sure to read every day!)
2. Alphabet writing pages A-Z (front and back) with "Sky Grass Dirt" example pages (BW & Color)
3.  Alphabet Fluency Charts (A-D capital and lowercase mixed.)
4. Four Alphabet Trace and Sound Circle Worksheets for letters A-D
5. Two sight word worksheets for the word “can.”
6. One sound sort phonics worksheet for the letters D and T.
7. One rhyming words worksheet
8. One color word worksheet (Egg theme)

1.  Number Fluency Chart- 0-10
2.  One number counting worksheet for 0-10 (Bunny theme)
3.  One Egg Counting activity mat, paper eggs to count, and two worksheets (0-10)
4. Two Spring patterning pages with eggs to cut out and make patterns (BW & Color)
5.  One number writing page with traceable examples (0-10)
6.  One number writing page with no examples (0-10)
7.  One April calendar with blanks for the numbers 0-10, traceable to 20, and filled in 21-30
8. Two sorting practice pages with shapes to cut out and sort three ways

I hope that this is useful to you!  You can find them here on TPT!  And YES- I am planning on posting more of these- one per week.  If you FOLLOW this blog and sign up for the email updates then you won't miss it!

Click here for Week Two!
Click here for Week Three!


- Heidi :)

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  1. My name is Shoshana Smith. I live in Israel and I teach 3rd graders ESL. I tried ordering the basic alphabet letters dvd and paid through paypal $20 only to discover that Israel is not on your mailing possibilities. I would love to receive your dvd and am very disappointed that Israel is not on the list of countries. I used an old blog for ordering so I'd prefer to receive the dvd with the extras but if it's not possible then I would appreciate a refund.

    Thank you,
    Shoshana Smith

  2. Hi Shoshana!
    I'm so sorry for your trouble and inconvenience. I have no idea why we do not mail to Israel! There must be a reason why, but I do not know off hand why not. I'm sure that we can help you and give you a refund. But we will need your email address and ordering information! We need you to email us at, or call us at (909) 331-2090.
    Thank you for helping us help you. And thank you for your interest in our products! I hope we can get your DVD to you.
    Thank you,
    Heidi Butkus


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