Christmas Count the Room & Write the Room! (EDITABLE!)

Today I'd like to tell you about TWO NEW products up on my Teachers Pay Teachers store:  Christmas Count the Room AND Write the Room!  My class has been having a ball with these activities during the last few weeks, and now they are EXPERTS at hunting down anything I may choose to hide in my room, LOL!  If I hide it, they will definitely read it and/or count it!  If you are unfamiliar with this type of activity, then you are in for a TREAT!  Just WAIT until you see how much fun this is!

Write the Room

Write the Room is super fun because the kids get to go on a word hunt all around the room!  You print and post the word cards all around the room.  And then the kids get to GET UP, and walk around the room with clipboard and a recording sheet, and write the words next to the matching holiday picture.  So if the word "the" is next to the present on the card, they write the word "the" next to the present on their recording sheet.

The cool thing about this particular "Write the Room" product is that it is EDITABLE!!!  YOU get to fill in the words of your choice so that your kids can practice writing the words that they are working on. All you have to do is delete and type over the words that are already written there, and that’s it! Print out your word cards and (sorta kinda) "hide them” around the classroom so that your children can go on a word hunt!

We actually took the words "sight words" off of the recording sheet, so that you can put in spelling words, letters, or anything else you can think of. It’s up to you!


There are two different styles of recording sheets to choose from with lined spaces or just blank spaces to write in, and both are provided in black and white AND color, so you can choose what you like. But my kids LOVE to color the pictures when they are done, so I always print them in black and white.

You will need a current version of Adobe Reader to open and edit this product. This is free to download here.

Count the Room, PLUS Present Find and Count!

This Christmas themed "Count the Room" activity (in both color and black and white) is a great way for ACTIVE children to practice their number recognition and counting for numbers 1-20!  It is done just the same as the Write the Room activity, but is instead of writing words the kids are counting and writing numbers.

Print out your number cards and (sort of) "hide them” around the classroom so that your children can go on a number hunt! They walk around the room with a clipboard or a hard surface, and write the number of objects on each card they find along the way on their recording sheet.  The cards go all the way up to 20, but there are only ten spaces on the recording sheet.  So, the expectation is that the kids would only be looking for ten cards per day- probably either 1-10, or 11-20.  We have even tried to do 6-15!

The "Present Find and Count" Activity is another fun twist on the Count the Room activity, but this time, children find "presents/gift bags" around the room, and count the objects inside. Then they record the number of objects that they find on their recording sheet.

You may want to have your kids count something like holiday mini erasers, or pompoms, whatever!  (We switched to pompoms because the little erasers kept getting stuck in the bags!) One thing that really helped my kids was to give them each a small plastic basket to carry around. I told them to dump the objects into the basket, and then count them back into the bag.

I also recommend that you be VERY CLEAR to the children that they are not supposed to take the presents with them... or take the things inside the bags!  A few of my kids were confused, and were collecting the pompoms with them as they went along, which left none in the bags for the children that came after them!  LOL!  My sweet children were just fine with putting them back, but I wished I had been a little more clear when I explained it.

There are a few different versions of the recording sheet, to give you options to choose what works best in your classroom! One version is a blank space, for children to simply write the numeral down in the space provided. The second version is a lined version, for children to write the numeral or the number word on the line provided. The third has a number line or word bank on the bottom of the paper, for those who might need some added help of what the number looks like, or how to spell the number word correctly.

All versions are provided in black and white AND color, so you can choose what you like. But my kids LOVE to color the pictures when they are done!

Have fun!!!

- Heidi :)

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