A FUN Halloween Singable Book Project!

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to quickly share about our Halloween Song Singable Book project since, you know, Halloween is just around the corner!! :)  This book making project helps children learn to follow directions, develop their fine motor skills, and learn reading skills such as tracking, fluency, and concepts of print. Plus, each child winds up with a book to add to their classroom library that they can each read and “own.” SO cute!

Now this little singable book is just a rewrite of a traditional tune, together with a Halloween poem.  But in my version, I take care to include only real things such as bats, brown owls, trick or treaters, black cats, and jack-o-lanterns.  There is one small exception: there is this one little jack-o-lantern that DOES hop up and down, but that’s the scariest thing in there! The stickers on the cover are totally optional.

Hopefully, you are still allowed to mention the word “Halloween” at your school, because I think that making this book is just so much fun!  To me, this little book is a piece of Americana; it contains symbols of fall and of Halloween.  Probably 95% of our students will go trick or treating.  Only once in the past, a parent asked me to have her child participate differently by not putting a face on the pumpkin.  Problem solved!  In 20 years of teaching K, that is the only problem I have had- and I think it’s mainly because there are no evil characters in it, people seem to be fine with it.

We always LOVE it, singing our hearts out every single day!  You know what else?  There’s a video of it on YouTube, so you wouldn’t even need to get a DVD or purchase the music! (But you can if you want the other great songs that go with it!)  The printable template and instructions for the Halloween book are $4. So actually, I think it’s a pretty good deal! It's also available in our Little Songs for Language Arts video collection our HeidiSongs Video Streaming site!

Here’s a run down of what exactly this is and what you’re getting in the download:
The Halloween Song Book Project – A counting book with five pages of Halloween fun! Includes one pumpkin, two owls, 3 trick or treaters, 4 cats and 5 bats. With 80 pages of full instructions and artwork to make this seasonal book! PLUS, an MP3 of the SONG that goes with it!!

File includes:
• Printable masters of Singable Book Songs
• Cutting dimensions and templates for easy classroom prep.
• PDF images of completed project
• Multiple text options including: Plain – Traceable – Lined – Blank space
• MP3 of the song

We usually do one page a day. When they are done with the book, we read the book together in small groups and practice turning the pages, finding letters and words that we know on the pages, identify the spine and the front and back covers, find the title, and then try to track the words as we read (speaking, not singing) the book together. Then we sing the book together again up to regular speed. Then the kids get to take the book home!

This fun, little Halloween project is only a $4 download on our website here!! Let me know if you make these!! I’d love to see and hear how they turn out!

Another fun Halloween activity we do is the Halloween Boo! Game!!

The kiddos get to practice sight words, numbers 0-20, and the concepts of more, less, and equal, in a Halloween themed game. The $3 download also includes blank cards so that you can modify the game to include your own sight words, etc.

Here’s an old video from my Kinder class in 2010 playing the game!

I hope you find these ideas helpful!! See you next week!

– Heidi

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