Letter of the Week Focus Wall!

We updated our Letter of the Week Focus Wall chart, and I wanted to share with you what it looks like now! I just know my kids are going to LOVE this, because it is now much more active and fun! Take a look at what we've added!

The first thing we've added is the Alphabet Action card! For our existing HeidiSongs fans, you may already recognize that the artwork came right out of our Alphabet Action book, (which itself is a bargain at just six bucks!)

Each card has an action for each letter. For example, for the letter A, we stomp on ants and say, "Ants!" and for the letter B, we say "Boo!"

It also matches up exactly with our very popular Alphabet Action song, which is in our Letters and Sounds collection, available on our HeidiSongs.tv Video Streaming Site!

Below is a video of my students doing the song with me in 2010!!! Gosh, that feels like a lifetime ago!  LOL! Those kids must be 15 or 16 years old now! Of course, the current animated video shows someone younger and more attractive than myself performing the actions, with the pictures from the book behind them! It's always a class favorite, and I LOVE it because it reviews the entire alphabet and the letter sounds in less than three and a half minutes.  :)

The next thing we added are Letter Formation Poem Cards!  There is one for each capital, and one for each lower case letter, with directional arrows on the letters.

These Letter Formation Poem Cards may be used as just poems, and have the kids chant the words as they draw the letters in the air.  OR, you can SING them as songs in our Alphabet Formation Songs collection! (We offer a 30-day FREE trial when you subscribe to our HeidiSongs.tv Video Streaming Site so you can test out the system in your classroom!) 

The rest of the Letter of the Week Focus Wall Chart is the same as before. I put up six pictures that start with the target beginning sound.  Then I have the kids all say, for example, "A like apple, A like ant, A like axe, A like animals, A like alligator, A like alphabet." I include this because I think it is SO important for the kids to know a few words that start with a given letter sound.

And don't forget, if you haven't seen my Number of the Day/Week Focus Wall chart, be sure to take a look! It's a super fun and active way to review the numbers each day!

And by the way, we also have a Shape of the Week Focus Wall chart! I love how it turned out. :) There are different ways to post/use the pieces.

Hope this is all helpful as you get your classrooms ready!

- Heidi :)

P.S. Don't forget all our videos are available to STREAM on our HeidiSongs.tv Video Streaming Site, FREE for the first 30 days! It's an awesome way to bring some EASY, active learning to your students! Check out the info page on our website for more info!

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