Hidden Numbers 1-30 Worksheets!

HEY, TEACHER!  YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB!  Has anyone told you that lately? 

If no one has told you lately that you are doing a good job, then I'm sorry.  I am convinced that the great majority of you out there are doing an OUTSTANDING job of teaching our little ones.  Most of you would protect the children in your care with your own lives, if it came right down to it.  So thank you for:
  • Caring for our children and keeping them safe, no matter what.
  • Loving the little cherubs that can be hard to love.
  • Being a special buddy on a field trip to a little one that you know needs some extra attention.
  • For being patient with children, parents, and administrators, even when you feel exhausted, thankless, your feet hurt, and you've had a hard day.
  • For putting in MANY more hours than you are paid for and more than anyone will ever know.
  • For spending your own money on supplies for your class, and things for your students just because you think it will make them happy or help them learn.
  • For searching online for new ideas and techniques to help your students learn, even though you already have an advanced degree.
  • For spending your summers and weekends at professional development conferences and seminars, and never even thinking about the fact that you are not getting paid for it!
  • For spending much of your summer off preparing for the following school year, including setting up your new classroom and all of the hard work that goes along with that.  In my district, I think we got paid for about a day and half of the two weeks I usually needed to get my room ready!
  • For filling out mounds of paperwork that may not appear to serve any instructional purpose, and then prepping for the next day on your own time.
  • For spending extra time on special events like class plays, project based learning activities, and STEM projects, even though they are probably not required.
  • For taking home and caring for the class pet that enriches the lives of your little ones, even though every single bit of it comes right out of your pocket.
  • Did I miss something?  I'm sure I did!  Let me know what it was in the comment section!
For everything you do, I want to THANK YOU.  Teaching is getting harder all the time, and as more blame for the problems of the world is thrown our way, I want you to know that I don't believe a single word of it.  I've been there, done that, and even though I am no longer in the classroom (at least this year), I'm on your side Please let me know if I can help you somehow in your daily mission to make a difference.  Yes, we have bills to pay, too.  But if it is possible for me to help you, I will.

And now.... here are some details about our Hidden Numbers Worksheets! 

We FINALLY got our Hidden Numbers 0-30 set all done and posted to our website!  This was no small feat for me, because I am learning to post things to our website all by myself, and there is a definite learning curve!  But I finally got it right.  I think you are going to be happy with the results!

These Hidden Numbers Worksheets are simple to use; the children only need to count the objects in each section and then color them the designated color if the section has a certain quantity.  If not, they can color it any color they want- or not color it at all.  That's up to the teacher to decide.

The nice thing about this kind of worksheet is that it is open ended as far as finishing is concerned.  You can have the children that enjoy coloring go ahead and do the "outside" sections.  But the children that work more slowly don't really need to do them, right?  You can re-write the rules for individual children as much as you like, differentiating as much as you need to, and the worksheet can still be thought of as "finished."

On these worksheets, I like that they give the children practice counting tally marks and numbers on ten-frames, too.  Here is one of the sheets that I included in our free sample download.  As the name implies, there is one worksheet for each number, from 1-30.

Here is another way that you can use this kind of Hidden Objects worksheet.  The video below shows a child that cut up the middle section, and then put it back together like a puzzle!  She did it with a Hidden Sight Word worksheet, but you could still take that idea and use it for numbers, right?

I think I should mention that the reason why the coloring is so nice on many of these samples is because some of them were done by second graders!  Since I needed some samples of the harder worksheets from 11-30 colored very soon, I asked my daughter who is doing a long term sub assignment in a second grade class if her students could try them out for me.  We were both surprised that some of them actually found this to be a CHALLENGE!

Here are some things that tripped them up:
  • It had been a long time since they had seen ten frames, and they weren't sure how to count them.  Does one ten frame count as one, or ten?
  • They also didn't know how to count the dice.  Should they count each die as one, or count the dots?
  • The same thing happened with the hands.  They weren't sure if they should count each hand, or if they should count the fingers.
  • Make sure your students understand how to count up tally marks as well!

As you can see, this child was struggling with counting out the quantities of 29, and missed one of them. It also looks like he did not quite finish coloring the outside sections, which also shows us that he was struggling a bit.

Sooooo, these are some things that you may want to point out to your kiddos before giving them the pages for the higher numbers.  In my daughter's case, each child did a different page, so I expect that she did not address how to do each page individually.  But in most cases, you will probably be having the entire class do the same worksheet, so you will be able to explain each one more fully.  She did say that the kids really liked them, though.  They were also excited to see their work "on the line," (their way of saying "online.")  LOL!!!

Here is the link again for the free sample, just to see if you think it will work for your class.

And don't forget to check out our other "Hidden" worksheets!
Besides the Hidden Numbers 1-30, we have:
  • Hidden Alphabet Worksheets
  • Hidden Sight Words Worksheets  (This is the link for the set for the Sight Words from Sing and Spell Vol. 1.  To find the other sets, click on the Sing and Spell Volume CD that you want, and scroll down to find the Hidden Sight Word Worksheets that go with it.)
  • Hidden CVC Worksheets. These are for our CVC Words Workbook Vol. 1.  We are almost finished with the Hidden Words for Vol. 2!  We may get those posted for you in a week or two.
And we can't leave you without a HeidiSongs singing and dancing video!  Check this one out; it's one of my favs!


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