Fun With CVC Words: Phonological Awareness with Sit Spots!

Today we are sharing some great ways to utilize the CVC workbook and flashcards. This idea comes from Mrs. Parker and includes a really great way of adding movement into the classroom as well as other ideas about how to turn flashcards into a game. We hope you are enjoying seeing the wonderful submissions to our Idea Contest as much as we are enjoying sharing them! (FYI, I do get commissions for the SitSpot links mentioned in this post!)

Below is a video submission and the letter we received is in italics.

Hi, Heidi,
I use HeidiSongs CVC Workbook and SitSpots to help with Phonemic Awareness.  This is part of my Tier II intervention; most are boys who need lots of movement.
I use the flashcards (pictures and words) provided.  First the kids hop the sounds to the picture cards.  Then, we hop the CVC word and blend it.  Some days, we play memory with the flashcards and the pictures.  We also read the CVC card and draw a picture to go with it.  I have found that the kids draw a picture that looks very much like the ones we have used.  They love these activities and using the same flashcards in various ways has really helped them.

We love the idea of using the flashcards in so many different ways. It definitely helps students make the connection between the pictures, words and sounds and helps teachers get more bang for their buck.

Thank you Mrs. Parker and class!


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