Bossy E/Final E Long Vowel Packets!

This week, we are THRILLED to introduce you to our brand new Bossy E/Final E Long Vowel A E I O U Packets and Bundle! Each individual packet gives your kids approximately 50 pages of Bossy E/Final E practice on EACH INDIVIDUAL LONG VOWEL SOUND! Each unit also gives children plenty of practice identifying and contrasting long vowel sounds against short vowel sounds. The exercises and activities included are perfect for first grade or for older children that need intervention and/or review. In fact, I designed these with my little second grade intervention group from last year in mind! This is exactly what I could NOT find, but really needed last year. So I hope that it will come in handy for some of you! My staff and I have been working on them since last SEPTEMBER, can you believe it? :)

These Bossy E Long Vowel Packets have a wide variety of literacy center activities, word sorts, decoding practice worksheets, fluency, and comprehension activities designed to help children read words with the “Bossy E” (or Final E) spelling pattern, and identify words with long and short vowel sounds. Identification of long and short vowel sounds and recognizing their spelling patterns is a vital skill because it is one of the keys to unlocking fluency in the beginning reader. These units have all of the practice your kids will need to help them recognize those Bossy E or Final E words instantly when they see them!

Now, I simply MUST clarify that I would really NEVER do ALL of these worksheets with my students unless they really needed them! I provided a wide variety of them so that you could choose the most appropriate ones for your students and skip the rest. Some of them are easy enough for early readers, and others, such as the fluency passage and comprehension check worksheet, are better for slightly older children.

Here is a description of each of the items in each long vowel packet with a picture (if I have one. Stay tuned for the rest of the pictures over the next week or two!):

1. Word Lists: A list of all of the words used in the unit, plus a few more! After that you will find a list of Bossy E and Short Vowel Words

2. Bossy E Long Vowel Anchor Chart: This full page visual aid is meant to be a reminder to the children of the spelling pattern and the vowel sound. For example, the Long A chart has the cheerleader saying “Ay!” (rather than “Yay,” its rhyme.) We always include a motion with these cards. Have the kids do the motion while saying the sound of the long vowel.

3. Pocket Chart Sized Flashcards with Pictures: Copy these flashcards on cardstock and have the kids practice reading and matching them with their pictures. You can also sort them by word families, along with the other Pocket Chart Flashcards with Pictures.

4. Small Flashcards with Pictures: These flashcards are great for having the children practice matching the words and pictures up individually at their desks. They are also a great for homework! Duplicate on cardstock and have the children cut them out. They can match them up at home with their parents for homework.

5. Pocket Chart Sized Flashcards (No Pictures): Copy these flashcards on cardstock and have the children practice reading them whole group. You may wish to have the kids illustrate them for the class and then match up the pictures! You can also sort them by word families, along with the other Pocket Chart Flashcards with Pictures.

6. Small Flashcards (No Pictures): These flashcards are great for having the children practice reading the words and sorting them into word families individually at their desks.

7. Word Family Sorting Headings for Large Flashcards: Copy these headings on cardstock and use them to sort the large flashcards into word families.

8. Bossy E Word Families Sort Recording Sheet: This page is provided as a recording sheet for the children to write down how they sorted the flashcards. You can have them sort the actual flashcards (both sets) and record the words, or simply sort the words on the list, crossing them out as they go.

9. Long or Short Vowel? Worksheet: Kids look at Bossy E or CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words and pictures, decide if the word shown has a long or a short vowel sound, and circle the correct word: long or short.

10. Long or Short Vowel Sort Cut & Paste: Kids look at the Bossy E and CVC pictures, cut them out, and glue them into the correct columns for either long or short vowels. Then they write the words next to the pictures. A word bank is provided.

11. Code, Read, and Draw Worksheet: On this page, kids look at the Bossy E word provided and “apply the code.” That is, they cross out the final E to remind them that it is silent, and then draw an arrow to the middle vowel and circle it to remind them that it is sounded long and says its own name. Then they read the word and illustrate it in the box provided.

12. Code it, Write it, Circle it!: In this worksheet, children apply the code to the word as described in item ten above, then rewrite the word, and then circle the correct picture that matches the word.

13. Long and Short Vowel Flipbook: In this activity, children cut on the lines and staple the pages in so that they make a little booklet! Then they can practice reading both the long and short vowels together at the same time.

14. Which Word?: In this worksheet, kids look at a long vowel word picture and two words. One is spelled correctly and one is not. They are supposed to choose the correctly spelled word, circle it, and copy it onto the line.

15. Find and Color, and Complete the Sentences: In this worksheet, the children first find and color all of the words with the final E spelling pattern. Then they read the sentences and complete them with one of two suggested words at the end of each one.

16. Read and Draw: Children read the sentences and draw a picture to match, showing that they understand what they read.

17. Bossy E Foldable and Recording Sheet: Have the children cut away the gray squares, and then fold the ending letters forwards and backwards. How many words can they read? Have them record all of the words that they can find on the recording sheet, and then write a sentence using two of the words that they found. *Note: These pages must be run front to back, but may change depending on your printer and how it prints double sided pages.

18. Reading Comprehension Check: Read the short paragraph and answer the questions in complete sentences.

19. Bossy E Clip Cards and Recording Sheet: To prepare the cards, copy the cards on cardstock, laminate, and cut apart. Then get 18 clothespins! Show the children how to put a clothespin on the word that correctly names the picture. (Some of the pictures have Bossy E words, and some have short vowel words.) If you would like the cards to be self-checking, draw a star or put a sticker on the back where the clothespin would be if the student clips the clothespin over the correct answer. To extend the activity, have the children sort the cards into long and short vowels and then record the words on the recording sheet.

20. Color by Bossy E Word Families vs. Short Vowels: Follow the directions indicated and color the pictures according to the word families or the short vowels.

21. Fluency Chart-Two Versions: Have the kids practice reading the words as fast as possible, recording their time in minutes each day to see how much they can read in one minute. OR, on version two have them read the entire chart and record their time! After one week, how fast can they go? This is a nice activity to do daily in class, and to send home for homework.

22. Fluency Story-Two Versions: Have the kids practice reading the story as fast as possible, recording their time in minutes each day to see how much they can read in one minute, subtracting one second for each error. OR, on version two have them read the entire story and record their time, adding one second on for each error! After one week, how fast can they go? This is another nice activity to do daily in class, and to send home for homework, too!

23. Fluency Story Comprehension Questions: These questions are to be answered after reading the fluency story, either version one or two. Be sure to have the children answer in complete sentences!

24. Word Search-Two Versions with Key: Have the kids read the names (version 1) OR target words (version 2). Circle the Bossy E spelling pattern in each name. Then, find each name in the word search puzzle. An answer key for each word search is provided as well.

WHEW!! See why it took us so long to get these done??? LOL! I'm excited to finally release them and I hope they will be beneficial to you and your students!! We sell them individually, by vowel, for $6 each, or you can get all 5 vowels for $25!! Check it out here! For more phonics resources, check out our entire Sounds Fun Phonics collection!!

-Heidi :)

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