Fun Ideas for St. Patrick's Day: SitSpots!

In case you have never heard of them, SitSpots are pieces of extremely strong, bright colored velcro cut into lots of fun shapes and forms, designed by a super nice, hard working Kindergarten teacher, just like you and me!  Once you stick them down on the carpet and they "set" for about three days, they are VERY hard to remove.  So they can be used for TONS of different things.  The activities are only limited by your imagination!  Here are my ideas, and since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm including mostly just pictures! (FYI, I do get commissions for the SitSpot links mentioned in this post!)

St. Patrick's Day Ideas with SitSpots!

These are footprint shaped SitSpots in green, placed around the room, and leading to a pot of "gold." (I spray painted some rocks with gold spray paint!)

Just imagine how excited the kids would be to walk in on St. Patty's day to find these little footprints everywhere! I think that they would work at Christmas time, too, for the Elf on the Shelf activities!

A friend asked me if I went around my backyard collecting rocks. Well, NO! I actually went to Home Depot and bought an open back of rocks that was spilled and only about half full. I hoisted it into my cart and rolled it to the register and asked if I could buy it at half price since it was only half full, and they said YES. :)

I think that these SitSpots could easily be used to mark off a space for a learning center, too! I used a Sharpie paint pen to write letters on some of my golden rocks. The idea here is that the children match up the letter pairs and then put them in order.

I spray painted the rocks gold, and then wrote the letters on with a black Sharpie paint pen. Then I added a red line to the bottom of each one to help the children know which side is "up."

I hope that you will be able to use some of these ideas, even though there is not much time before St. Patrick's Day!  If it is too late to order for this year, just cut the footprints out of green paper and tape them down.  Get the SitSpots for next year and save them!  I had a team mate that used to paint green footprints all over the room, and then spent a good hour after school that day trying to scrub them off!  I joined her in that adventure a few times, and then I decided I didn't have time for the scrubbing.  I would MUCH rather invest in some SitSpots and never have to do that again!

Leprechaun Craftivity FREEBIE!

This CUTE leprechaun craft is a free downloadable pattern for you!

He's the same leprechaun that you see in my "Green Song" from Sight Words 2 and Colors and Shapes!  Check it out; it's adorable!  This version is on our Colors and Shapes DVD, which is fully animated with authentic children's artwork.  So cute!

Click here

Have a fun St. Patrick's Day!


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