Finger Counting Addition!

Hello everyone!  Today I would like to share with you a fun activity called Finger Counting Addition. It's just $2.00 for the download, $3.00 for the file on a disc on our website! :)

I originally came up with this idea when I saw a picture on Pinterest that someone had posted of some hands that were traced, cut out, and glued to a piece of construction paper.   It also looked like the fingers had been folded up and down, and there were addition problems below it.

That inspired me to come up with something a bit simpler for even younger children, putting a set of hands above each and every addition problem!

I also decided to include one sheet with a pair of "life sized" hands so that the teacher could work on this with the children in a guided lesson before releasing them to do the worksheet on their own as independent practice.

In this case, the children would practice by putting the sheet into a page protector or dry erase sleeve, and then using dry erase or water soluble markers to make equations.  The children can spin a spinner or roll a die to generate the numbers, of course!

There are lots of ways to use this idea!  Here's another one:  Cut out the hands, but only glue down the palms, leaving the fingers free.  Let children fold the fingers up and down as they count them.  Naturally, you could do this just as well by tracing the children's REAL hands!

One problem we had, though, was that the fingers that are folded down don't really STAY down until the crease is really "in" and they've been used a lot.  I think that a better use for this is to have the children make one addition problem with the correct amount of fingers pointed up/folded down, GLUE them, and then display them on the wall.

This is a sample of what one of the Finger Print Addition worksheets look like. This one includes sums up to seven. The worksheets go all the way up to sums of ten.

This activity helps bridge the gap between the natural inclination of young children to count on their fingers when learning to add and the pictorial representation of doing so on a worksheet!

Your purchase includes instructions, the masters for the hands in the picture, and seven worksheets to help kids practice addition facts with sums that total no more than four and progress in difficulty up to sums that total no more than ten. It's available as a download for $2, and on a disc for $3(+shipping!) Click here to go to our website! I hope it is useful for you and enjoyable for your kids! :)


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