"The Hen's Walk" - An Easy Reader for Kids to Make Based On Rosie's Walk!

Here's a fun new book for kids to make called "The Hen's Walk" that is based on the classic book, Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins!  I love it because it incorporates position words, sight words, and comprehension skills.  Kids love it because it includes stick puppets, rubber stamps, and coloring, PLUS when they are finished, they all have a book that they can take home!  Do I have your attention?  I hope so!

It took me a few days to create, but was SO worth it! The kids LOVE it!! It is posted to our website here as a download for only $3!!

"The Hen's Walk" is a great project to leave out on a night when parents come to visit, too!   Parents love to hear their children read books to them on such occasions, and children love to show off their work.

I think that the best thing about this book is that it really helps kids focus on position words by having them act out the story with stick puppets.  AND, having to physically move stick puppets around helps kids focus on COMPREHENSION!  And I think that is pretty GREAT! I used the same patterns to make manipulatives that we used to practice retelling the story.

Another great thing to do is to use those same pictures that we made for the book pages for other activities, such as putting the pictures in order and retelling the story.

In my class, we also read the real version of Rosie's Walk and put the words on a pocket chart, and then matched the pictures to the words. We also act out the story by taping those small pictures from the book onto chairs and furniture in the classroom.  It's really fun, and such a GREAT way to help children learn their position words!

Act out Rosie's Walk by taping children's pictures from their little books to the chairs and other furniture. :)

I made this book with my class just about every year that I taught Kindergarten, but we did it with all of the words to the REAL Rosie's Walk book!  I absolutely LOVED teaching this book each year! You can pick up my little Hen's Walk project posted to our website here!

As you can see, there are tons of ways to use a book like this!  We have lots of similar little books posted on our website in our "Singable Books" section.  (They are under the Language Arts tab.) But all of those can actually be sung- and this one cannot.  It is strictly a reader!



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