Shape Bunnies Spring Craft Freebie!

Do you like bunnies?  Are your kids learning their shapes?  Want a fun, easy, and FREE spring craft for your kids?  Well, then, the Shape Bunnies project might be just the thing for you!  I wish I had thought of this sooner, because I would have posted it earlier to give you more time to do it before Easter!  Oh well, maybe next time!

My inspiration for this project came from this adorable Shape Penguin project I saw on Pinterest.  But the thing is that I am already in love with my existing penguin craft, which you can check out and also download free here!  So I never want to change that!  In any case, I had this creative itch to adapt the idea to bunnies for Easter and spring.

So I came up with the Shape Bunnies!

In order to do this craft, I decided that I would just have each child make the shape of MY choice so that I would have a few of each shape.  There are seven shapes, so we prepped four of each body shape, which included the square, circle, rectangle, triangle, oval, trapezoid, hexagon.  That way, I was able to make 28 bunnies!  I wanted to make a sample of each shape, so that left me with 21 bunnies prepped for my 20 students.

So I just explained how to make the bunnies before the kids went to lunch, and told them that they would find out what shape bunny each of them would get when they got back from lunch, because I would place it on their desks while they were gone.  That's what I did, and it worked out just fine!  There was a little bit of disappointment of course, but nothing major.  A few kids swapped shapes and it all worked out.

To prep this craft, just cut two shape bodies for each child:  a larger white outer body, and a slightly smaller pink inner body.  All of my outer bodies were one inch larger all the way around.  The square was five by five inches, and everything else I just measured off of that.  There are masters enclosed in the download, so all you have to do is run them off, thank goodness!  Lucky you! :)

The other body parts can be cut to the dimensions indicated on the paper cutter, and then cut to look like the sample.  For example, the white part of the ear is four inches by two inches, and each child needs two.  In order to make the ear, the children should cut off the corners of the paper to form an ear shape.  The foot pieces are also rectangular shaped.  They should round off the top corners to turn it into a rainbow shape and then add the claws.  As for the nose, that is a black one inch by one inch square.  All they need to do is round off the corners and they'll have a roundish nose!

I gave my kids scraps in spring colors and told them to decorate their bunnies.  Some of them really went to town on this and highly decorated their bunnies!  Others were not as interested.  But I think that as a group, they all turned out great!  I think that as we line up and go through the door, I may ask the children to tell me the shapes as they pass through!  :)

Have fun with this!  You can download the directions and templates here. Happy Easter!!

-Heidi :)


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