HeidiSongs is Now Partnering with BENCHMARK!

Today we are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with the Benchmark Education Company!  We have licensed 136 videos to Benchmark for inclusion in their brand new Benchmark Advance English Language Arts curriculum that is being distributed throughout the USA.

We have also pulled together some of our great HeidiSongs materials and aligned them to Benchmark Advance as as support units to help you teach the new Benchmark curriculum as best you can, HeidiSongs style!  But more about that in a moment!

I have to tell you that when we received that first random email from Benchmark proposing this partnership, I was stunned, pleased as punch, and really a bit afraid to hope that this deal would actually go through!  I just constantly thank GOD that my husband has so many years of experience in business, because I wouldn’t know how to even begin to negotiate such a thing!  But we have an eight year deal with Benchmark, renewable for eight more years.  This is to cover up to 4000 school districts within the United States.  How cool is THAT???  I feel so blessed!

Our new Benchmark/HeidiSongs partnership should be very exciting news for all of you whose districts have adopted Benchmark as their ELA curriculum, because with your adoption, you should be receiving online access to all of the videos that they licensed from us- (at least as I understand it!)  Of course, each district may have different agreements, so you’ll need to go online and see for yourself if there is a HeidiSongs video component included for you.  Mine looks like this, below.

Once you are logged onto their password protected site for districts that have paid for the service, you click on the grade level.  HeidiSongs videos are included for TK, K, and first grades.  If you scroll down near the bottom, you’ll see a link for HeidiSongs videos!  Skipping around from song to song should be pretty painless, since there are no DVDs to change, right?

Once you click on that link, you’ll see a variety of videos that go with the unit you have selected, ranging from letters and sounds, high frequency words, and phonics.  Benchmark chose to include only our animated videos that have the newer, younger actors in them.  So you won’t see yours truly up there, but I’m okay with that!  I’m very pleased with the new look!

I truly do not know if they have finished uploading all of the videos we sent them, but here are the HeidiSongs/Benchmark correlations!  It lists all of the videos that they have licensed from us, and what units they go with for each grade level from TK, K, and first.
Here is the TK Benchmark/HeidiSongs alignment document. It shows you which HeidiSongs videos you will get with the Benchmark curriculum for which unit.

And below is the Kindergarten Benchmark/HeidiSongs alignment document.

And last but not least, below is the First Grade HeidiSongs/Benchmark Correlation chart.  You can also download all of these documents right here or on the Benchmark website!

PLEASE NOTE! You will NOT find HeidiSongs videos uploaded on the Benchmark site for ALL of the high frequency words that their curriculum teaches because they did not license every sight word video that we sell. PLUS, there are a few words that we do not have songs recorded for yet!

So you may still want to use our DVDs for the words that are missing from the Benchmark site. We made a list for you so you would know which words are missing that we DO have songs for and which DVD you can find them on.

The videos we have that are missing for TK are:
– it (Sing and Spell Volume 2)
– three (Sing and Spell Volume 3 and 5)
– with (Sing and Spell Volume 1)
– seven (Sing and Spell Volume 5)
– six (Sing and Spell Volume 6)
– in (Sing and Spell Volume 2)
– nine (Sing and Spell Volume 5)
– on (Sing and Spell Volume 1)
– make (Sing and Spell Volume 3)
– down (Sing and Spell Volume 2)
– help (Sing and Spell Volume 3)
– not (Sing and Spell Volume 2)
– play (Sing and Spell Volume 1)
– up (Sing and Spell Volume 2)

The videos we have that are missing for Kindergarten are:
– am (Sing and Spell Volume 4)
– not (Sing and Spell Volume 2)
– be (Sing and Spell Volume 4)
– will (Sing and Spell Volume 4)
– at (Sing and Spell Volume 2)
– eat (Sing and Spell Volume 5)
– on (Sing and Spell Volume 1)
– play (Sing and Spell Volume 1)
– in (Sing and Spell Volume 2)
– but (Sing and Spell Volume 5)
– up (Sing and Spell Volume 5)
– well (Sing and Spell Volume 6)
– run (Sing and Spell Volume 3)
– down (Sing and Spell Volume 2)
– going (Sing and Spell Volume 6)
– did (Sing and Spell Volume 4)
– so (Sing and Spell Volume 5)
– help (Sing and Spell Volume 3)
– just (Sing and Spell Volume 6)
– yes (Sing and Spell Volume 4)
– it (Sing and Spell Volume 2)
– came (Sing and Spell Volume 4)
– made (Sing and Spell Volume 4)
– make (Sing and Spell Volume 3)
– new (Sing and Spell Volume 5)
– ride (Sing and Spell Volume 5)

(The list of videos we have that are missing for First Grade is very similar to the kindergarten list above. Stay tuned for the first grade words listed out, though.)

And now for our HeidiSongs support materials that are aligned to the Benchmark Curriculum!  We have taken our materials and collected them into files that match the units presented in Benchmark. We don’t have all of then done yet, so expect another blog post in the coming week or two with the updated list!

For now, here are some of the HeidiSongs support materials for kindergarten that we have up on my TPT store so far! Click the image for more info on each unit!

WELL! I know that was a lot of info, but stay tuned for more updates on our supplemental materials!!


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