FREE Editable Kindergarten Pacing Guide!

In this post, I am going to give you an EDITABLE version of my Kindergarten Pacing Guide, which is also known as a Curriculum Map.  I've had this same Pacing Guide on my website for a few years now, but it was only posted in a non-editable "pdf" version because I built it in Quark Xpress on my Mac, which makes it unopenable for anyone that does not own Quark.  Luckily, I had one of my fabulous assistants retype it for me in Word so that all of my wonderful friends and followers out there would be able to change things around a little and make it your own.  I hope that this is useful and helpful for you! I have it in .doc format here and .docx format here! Click to download it!

Tips for Making Lesson Plans with a Pacing Guide

I love using my pacing guide when making lesson plans, because it really helps me stay on track so that I make sure to cover everything I need to cover over the course of the school year.  For example, when I created it, I went through the Common Core Standards to make sure that I had given each one a day, week, or month so that I wouldn't miss any of them. I also tried to put the standards into a logical order of instruction, with the most difficult ones near the end of the year.

So this means that when it's time to make lesson plans, I just look at the guide and figure out what the topics are for the week.  Then I look to see what types of resources and activities I have.  After that, I just start writing them into the time slots that I have.  And that's pretty much it!

It really helped me last year when I taught the first/second combination class to have most of what I was going to teach sketched out on a pacing guide for the year.  Of course, since it was my first time teaching second grade, I had to continually revise my plan as I figured out how long things might take for the class to learn.  The first grade guide is posted here.  The second grade guide is posted here.  We got a new math series this year (Go Math,) and I am still trying to work out how it all fits together.  When and if it is ready for publishing, I'll share it with you!

I hope that this helps some of you a little bit!  Please remember that this guide is for your own personal use, and not for you to post for sale nor to give away on your own site, nor on TPT.  Thank you!

- Heidi :)

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