Dinner’s Ready! A Thanksgiving Book Project!

This week I’d like to tell you about about an EASY, make-it-yourself book about all the good food at Thanksgiving dinner called Dinner’s Ready! Mashed potatoes, green beans, roasted turkey and pumpkin pie (YUM!) plus a completed dinner plate for the last page, hidden in a super fun, secret pocket at the back of the book!  WHAT could be better??? Oh, BOY!

I also just redesigned the pages to make the prep easier and the final book cuter.  So check out the little movie below, but keep in mind that the updated pictures are really what the file has in it now!  I plan on encouraging my little ones to practice coloring the outside edges of the plate in pattern.

This is one of my Singable Books, so each page has lyrics to the “Dinner’s Ready” song! When the book is done, kids can not only read their book, but sing-along with the song, too!!  I love to do a little guided reading lesson with my kiddos whenever we finish our book making projects.  They really enjoy it, and so do I!

This song can also be found on the Little Songs for Language Arts DVD and CD, and on our HeidiSongs Video Streaming Site. Here’s a video of my kinders yeeeeears ago dancing along with the hand motions!

Book making helps children learn to follow directions, develop their fine motor skills, and learn reading skills such as tracking, fluency, and concepts of print.  And this book is just in time for Thanksgiving!

The templates, mp4 of the song, and a written description of the hand motions are only a $4 download here!

Another fun way to use this download: Balanced Meal STEM Challenge!!! We used the food and made a STEM challenge out of it!

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!!!

– Heidi

P.S. Don't forget all our videos are available to STREAM on our HeidiSongs Video Streaming Site, FREE for the first 30 days! It's an awesome way to bring some EASY, active learning to your students! Check out the info page on our website for more info!

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