Father's Day Guided Drawing Freebie!

Hi, everyone!  Today I am going to give you a free download of a Father’s Day guided drawing lesson!  I hope it will come in handy for those of you that are still in school!  If you are already on summer vacation, then you can count your blessings!  I had my last day yesterday, and it feels GREAT!  Ahhh, there’s nothing like the sweet smell of SUMMER, is there?  In any case, maybe those of you that are already on vacation can possibly make use of this next year.

I encouraged the children to make their pictures look like their own dads as much as possible.

We did our Father’s Day guided drawing lesson last week, and the pictures turned out sooooo cute!  I love that my students last year would always CHEER when I told them that we were going to do guided drawing!  It’s neat when they are so “into” an activity that they all feel like they are being given a treat when they are given the lesson!

We use a class set of clipboards to do our drawing.  I also have a class set of crayons in baggies that we only use for this purpose.

We did our guided drawing activity after lunch one afternoon for the outside of our Father’s Day cards, and then wrote the words on the inside of our cards at our writing table with my help in small groups the next day.  Of course, by this time of year, the children don’t need a lot of help writing, thanks to doing so much Sing and Spell the Sight Words and Sounds Fun Phonics movements and songs.

The dad in the bottom center is supposed to have a Mohawk.  Note the five o’clock shadow on the dad to his right!

I love all of the personality that the children gave each of their dads in the pictures!  I love that children want to use all of the colors in the crayon box, and so they will often make their dads rainbow colored, just for fun.  A child told me that one dad in the picture above had a Mohawk, and another child drew a five o’clock shadow on his dad!

Several of the boys in my class this year had an obsession with Spiderman this year, and tried to turn just about every project they could into a Spiderman styled project.  Did you notice?  The dad on the bottom right of the above picture is a SpiderDad!

Here is the last group shot that I took.  We have a couple more Mohawks and love note.  So sweet!

I love it when reversals create a totally different message!  How cute is this?  The above picture is my absolute FAVORITE of the whole bunch!  Can you figure out what this precious little girl was trying to write to her father?

We used the same pattern for the card from the Mother’s Day guided drawing card.  You can download it here.  It works well because the head is traced onto the card ahead of time for the kids.  That way, it is the right size, and it is in the right spot.  If one of those things is off a little bit, they really cannot continue, and that makes it hard to make a nice looking card.

The free downloadable instructions for the Father’s Day guided drawing project are right here.  Have fun!

Heidi :)

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