Loose Tooth Subtraction!

Today I am going to share a cute little subtraction activity that I made up a couple of weeks ago that is similar to the Shark Teeth Addition that I made up last year, but this time uses kids rather than sharks and is for subtraction rather than addition!  I hope you enjoy it as much as my kids did!  There's even a free download in it for you!

For those of you that missed the Shark Teeth Addition activity, it was simply an addition lesson in which the children rolled dice or used a spinner to determine how many teeth to draw on the upper and lower jaws of the shark.  Then they counted the total of the teeth and wrote an equation.

There are some worksheets that go with it.  The first activity was a free download, and then we created more of them and made them available for purchase as the demand for them became known.

In my new Loose Tooth Subtraction Activity, we start with a picture of a child with ten teeth.  Then we roll a die to see how many teeth the child would lose.  We then black out that many teeth to show that they have been lost, and write the equation.  This activity is not as open ended as the Shark teeth addition activity, because of the need to draw the teeth in from the very beginning, and them black them out.  It seems to me that we could also use the triangle pattern blocks for teeth in the kids mouths, but I am afraid that they would end up looking like vampires or monsters, LOL!

The only trouble that we had with the activity was that the girls ALL insisted on having the picture of the little girl with the bow in her hair!  So I went back into all of the drawings and added a bow to all of the girls' heads so that this would no longer be an issue.  We cannot have girls without a bow, now, can we?????

This activity was better for the children that were struggling with subtraction than those higher functioning children that were already transitioning well from doing addition exclusively.  For those lower children, the fact that the first number was always ten made things simpler.  In contrast, this made it a little more boring for the higher children.  So for these children, I decided to make some pictures of kids with no teeth at all, and let them both draw the teeth and black them out as well.  This leaves the equations much more open ended and allows more freedom for the teacher to challenge the children that learn a little faster.

Here's a little song we also learned to go along with our unit on addition from the CD/DVD Musical Math.  Heidi also has a  song for subtraction, of course!  You can hear a bit of it on iTunes here!

I hope you enjoy this free download!  Meanwhile, here are a few other things that we did this past week!

We made sponge painted prints out of some egg and flower shaped doilies I found at the dollar store!

All we did to prepare was put a small amount of glue stick in the middle of the doily to hold it in place while it was painted.

We did a nonsense word coloring activity that was a free download on my blog last year!

Watch for more of these great Color By Nonsense Word Worksheets soon!  We are working on them!

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Lyn Goff said…
I LOVE the loose tooth subtraction. You are so clever and generous. Thanks.
beth said…
Love, love, love, the shark and missing teeth activities. We just finished addition this week and subtraction next week, so these are perfect!!! I wanted to say thank you to you for helping me find "donorschoose.org" You talked about it a long time ago and since then I have had 2 projects funded!! I finally have enough "points" to do a special request and I am going to try and get some things from you as my special request!! Thanks again for all your wonderful ideas!!!
Sue B. said…
Thanks for the great idea! As a 'normal' teacher I think of this stuff, but can't execute it...so
glad you're so clever and can make
this stuff up so quickly!
Anonymous said…
Hi, This blog is great its so inspiring. I love it. It is so good that all my friends should see it. It would be great if you were to see my blog at lilz.edublogs.org/
See you soon, Lilz.
Teresa said…
Lve the new subtraction sheets- perfect for my dental unit that I'm starting Tues. have used your shark sheets and the Easter egg surprise and the kids loved them! Thank you so much!
Miss Parsons said…
Thank you for the tooth freebie! Too funny about the bow! :)
Buena said…
Theresa--Great idea! I have a dental unit waiting but didn't know where to fit it in! Subtracting teeth ties it all together!
HeidiSongs said…
Thanks so much, everybody! Glad you like the loose tooth subtraction sheets, LOL!
To Lilz, I checked your blog. Looks like fun! Good luck with it!
Rachelle said…
Heidi!!!!!!! I loved meeting you today!!! I wish we didn't sit so far from each other at the table! I am hoping to go to Vegas and listen to your presentation there! Let's chat and have lunch or something!!!!!!
HeidiSongs said…
Hey Rachelle!
It was great meeting you too, today! That was really a fun meet-up, wasn't it??? It's so neat to meet with other teachers that are all of like mind and spirit. I loved it!
I hope that we can all meet up and do it again in Las Vegas! Hopefully someone will organize something similar! I tried to do it last summer and really blew it, (we couldn't find each other!) so I am going to let someone else be the organizer next time, LOL!
Rachelle said…
I will totally do it!!!!! I can't wait!!! Then maybe you and I can have a chance to actually talk! I felt so bad!!!! I'm a huge fan of yours!!! See you again in July!
Traci Clausen said…
Heidi... I really enjoyed meeting you today at the Meet Up. I've been spending all sorts of time reading your blog and and checking out your songs and stores. I'm LOVING it all! I hope we do another meet up again soon.
Dragonflies in First
HeidiSongs said…
Hey, Traci!
I really loved meeting you on Saturday, too! I can't wait to read your blog; thanks for the link! I hope we do another meet up soon too. That was fun!!!!
Michelle Griffo said…
It was so nice meeting you yesterday! I can't wait to check out your DVD! I follow you now!


Apples and ABC's
Keys4Education said…
Heidi - Thank you so much for such a great freebie! You are so good! :o)

jennkeys @ gmail . com
Ms. Lopez said…
It was nice meeting you yesterday! Thanks so much for the DVD. I can't wait to share it with my class this week!

Coloring Outside The Lines
Kristin said…
Heidi, it was fantastic meeting you!!!! You are so sweet - I can't believe you brought all those DVDs!! My friends at school are going to die when they hear I met you.
I hope we'll get to meet again soon and have more time to talk!
HeidiSongs said…
Wow, everyone was so wonderful on Saturday! I had such a wonderful time, and I am so glad I got to meet all of you! I only wish I had brought more DVD's with me to share! I had no idea that there would be so many people there.
I can't wait until next time, and I hope we all have more time to talk!
Mrs. Patton said…
I LOVE the loose tooth subtraction! Perfect for story problem mats in my classroom. Thanks for being so generous!

Colleen Patton
Mrs. Patton’s Patch
Amber Unger said…
Hahahaha! I absolutely LOVE the Loose Tooth Subtraction! Something tells me my kiddos are going to have a ball with this one. Thank you for sharing for free! :)
HeidiSongs said…
I'm SOOOOO glad everybody likes the Loose Tooth Subtraction! I wish I could come up with such a HIT every week, LOL!
Unknown said…
My kiddos will love this since I'm known as the "kinder" dentist at our school! Thanks for making this a free be!
vicky1970 said…
Hi Heidi - how clever are you? I love the tooth subtraction..so smart. I didn't get a chance to officially meet you at the meet up...so sorry. I was the really LATE one. You are very talented. Wished I could've talked to you. It was hard coming in late and missing all the intros. Maybe at the next one. :o)
Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After
HeidiSongs said…
To Vicky1970,
Hi there! I'm sorry that we didn't get a chance to meet formally either! I came in a bit late myself and missed whatever happened right at the beginning also. Maybe next time though, right?
Thanks for stopping by!
John Moran said…
It's such an interesting post. I really like it. You shared a really good information I appreciate it.A healthy smile is an important part of overall health. Thank you and keep sharing.
Shelby Dentist
I plan on using your loose tooth subtraction freebie tomorrow. I can't wait. Every little one understands loosing teeth. ;)
HeidiSongs said…
To S. Parker,
Great! I hope it goes well!
Anonymous said…
Is the printable without any teeth available for a free download? I was thinking of laminating it and then using blobs of white playdoh for the teeth. Thanks for the great printable.
HeidiSongs said…
Yes, the printable without any teeth is there in the download. Once you download it, just scroll down to the bottom and you'll see all of the "kids" there, but this time, they are all toothless!
Anonymous said…
Thanks. We are actually using the tips of Q-tips for teeth. I cut off the ends and let my boys use them. I figured it was still something cheap, easy to replace if lost, and not as messy as playdough.
Anonymous said…
You could use red playdough for the gums and white beans as the teeth- and then subtract .....
Heidi said…
I love you that you share! I am using your shark and loose teeth activities. I made a copy to use on the SmartBoard. Can I send you that file to share?
HeidiSongs said…
To Heidi:
I would love that! Send it to:
Anonymous said…
I also noticed the little sponge clipped into the clothespin!
HeidiSongs said…
To anonymous:
Yes, that's how we always do our sponge painting! We clip a piece of sponge into a clothespin. It helps keep the kids hands a bit cleaner... maybe just a little!
Amanda Hallman said…
I LOVE your blog! You have some really cute ideas! I'm currently trying to build a blog following of K-2 ideas I've come up with and ideas colleagues have shared. It's not much right now, but should be an excellent resource with the upcoming school year. I would love if you would follow me and check it out: http://elementaryteacherfiles.blogspot.com/#
Anonymous said…
I LOVE the missing tooth idea. I have been scrambling trying to find some exciting extension ideas for my lower group and this will definitly work. Thank you for posting your creative ideas!
J. Nelson said…
Loooove the Loose Tooth Subtraction! Thanks so much for the free downloads!
Anonymous said…
This is great idea! I will add dice for teeth activities. Thank you so much!
Tate said…
Really great ideas! The Loose Tooth Subtraction is something that is really great.

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