A HeidiSongs Alphabet Picture Book!

I sent in two art projects that I saved from my class last year, and here they are:

First of all, our new website has my first full color story book on it, called Alphabet Action!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally have this accomplished!  Some of you may remember seeing me post a little about this process on my HeidiSongs Facebook page.  Having never published a story book before, it was an interesting process for me to go through.  Luckily for me, my husband used to work in the publishing business, (though he was creating catalogs and other products, not little books), so he is knowledgeable about how to go about this sort of thing.

My book is now in our school library!

As you might guess from the title, my book is based on the song, Alphabet Action, that can be found on the Singable Songs for Letters and Sounds CD and DVD, Letters and Sounds DVD, and also as a “Bonus Track” on my Musical Math CD and DVD.  My husband found a wonderful illustrator to work with named Amanda Sorensen, came up with a contract, and together we generated ideas of what each page might look like.  These ideas were emailed to Amanda, who then sketched out a couple of ideas for each page and emailed them to us for approval and to make a choice between one or another before proceeding.  When we had a concept for each page that we all were happy with, she then completed the page and sent it back again for approval.

Last fall, I posted some pictures on my Facebook page of the proofs that the printer ran for us (larger than posters!) These showed multiple pages on a couple of very large sheets of paper, and were given to us by the printer for our approval, of course.  After we were (very) sure that there were no mistakes in the book at all, we gave the thumbs up for printing!  When the books were finally printed and we received the first box full, it was SO exciting to see a full color book with my picture on the back of it, and my name on the front as the author!  It feels just GREAT!

So I took the book to school last fall, and read it to my kids.  They were just thrilled to see my picture on the back, and they loved to read the story!  It makes a really wonderful listening center to use with the CD!  We also sang it and read it along as a class while we danced along with the CD, too.  It’s now in our classroom book center, but I’m planning on getting it out again this spring when the children do a little bit more with publishing their own little books.  I was thinking of printing out some extra little pictures of the children, sitting at tables and getting ready to write with a pencil, etc.  Then we could glue their own “author pictures” on their books, too!  I think that it would be extra meaningful for them, considering that they have all seen my picture on the back of the Alphabet Action book now, too!  And now here is another story that I have written for you to try out in your classroom, if you like!

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Freckleteacher said…
Hi Heidi! My name is Cindy (Freckleteacher) and I met you at the Kindergarten Conference and sat next to you at dinner. I really enjoyed meeting you and talking with you about your products and classroom. Thank you for being so friendly and willing to share. I just ordered your Littel songs for Lang. Arts DVD! It looks great. I couldn't get close enough to your products at the conference..it was so popular! I meant to order your new book as well. It looks adorable! Any way that they could be shipped together and save me a little $? I will order the book, but would like to have them shipped together to save. Please let me know if that is possible. cvance1111@aol.com Thank you so much for all of your great products and all that you do to help teachers and children. Please thank all of your family! If you get the chance to stop by my blog, I posted our photo! For the Love of Kindergarten
Miss Graham said…
Congrats, Heidi! Your book looks fabulous. Any plans for an e-book version? It looks like it would be great for the Promethean board I'm trying to learn how to use.
Todd said…
I'm so excited to share your book with my sweeties. I bought it right away!! ~Tracy
Katie said…
Love the Alphabet Action book! My kids created something similar last year. They would listen to Alphabet Actions, and use the book of Jolly Phonics pages we had in the writing area to follow along. Okay so the actions didnt quite match up but thats pretty creative for 4 and 5 year olds!
Lois Jones said…
Congratulations on the book! What a fabulous job it looks to be with such lively colors. I admire your hard work and talent.
ltschaepe said…
My triplets love "Alphabet Action" on your DVD and I know they will really enjoy the book! I just placed my order.

Thank you for all the great resources.
The new book looks fantastic Heidi, congrats!!! The graphics are just adorable, I can't wait to get my copy :) It was great to see you in Texas!
Freckleteacher said…
I can't wait for your new book to arrive in my mailbox!
Thank you Heidi!
Susan said…
The new book looks great! Is there any chance that it will be coming out in big book format to make it easier for a whole group of students to see? Love your stuff!
HeidiSongs said…
To Susan: Gosh, I never considered a big book format! I would think that a big book format is a long time away, but it sure sounds exciting!
HeidiSongs said…
To Freckleteacher,
The book was my pleasure! It was wonderful meeting you and having dinner with you this weekend!
HeidiSongs said…
Thanks, everybody!!!
We would love to do an e-book for the Promethean Board or Smart Board, etc. An iPad app would also be great! There are a lot of things to consider. Right now, we are just glad to hear that people like it. Hooray!
HeidiSongs said…
Hey, Freckleteacher Cindy!
I really enjoyed meeting you, too! And consider your issue with the order taken care of. I know that my husband is on it.
Thanks so much for your kind words, and I can't wait to follow your blog!
Mom said…
Wow Heidi! I am so proud of your achievement with your book. I can't wait to hold one in my hands! What a talented gal you are!
Freckleteacher said…
Woohoo! I got my Alphabet Actions book in the mail today along with one of your fabulous DVDs. The book is really colorful and the kids are going to love new way to remember the alphabet! Of course their favorite will be Ee for end when they get to point to their rear end! Perfect kindergarten humor! :)
Thank you so much for creating and sharing this book!
HeidiSongs said…
Yeah! So glad you got it, Cindy! And I'm glad you like it! Yes, the kids do like to point at their "ends" for the letter E, LOL! They also really like the go "Vroom, vroom!" for the letter V. Thank God for good ideas!

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