Super Hero Father’s Day Cards!

My class has been so “into” that Zero the Hero song and super heroes in general this year that I thought that it would be fun to make a Zero the Hero project!  But what we really needed was to make a Father’s Day card!  The solution?  I decided to create a Super Dad Father’s Day card!

So I decided to check out the picture that I had taken with Zero the Hero at a Kindergarten conference that I attended, and model the picture after that.  Then I wrote “SD” on the shirt and had the kids write, “Super Dad” on the top of the card!  On the inside, we wrote, “Dear Dad, You are my hero!  Love, ____.”  I also had the kids write a letter to their dad, telling him what they would like to thank him for.  The cards turned out SUPER cute! ;)

One thing I did to make it a little easier was to have parents draw a little “x” where the head should be glued.  The head must be glued down first in the right place, or the children will not be able to complete the project at all, because there has to be room for the rest of the body.

The only other thing that proved difficult was getting them to put the narrow part of the body (the waist) towards the bottom and the broad shoulders towards the top.  They kept wanting to reverse it.  Excluding this, the rest of the project was not hard at all!  The children immediately recognized the super hero as Zero the Hero, but were very excited to turn him into a picture of their dad.  For the hands and the head, I offered both light and dark skin to accommodate the different families that we have in our class, so that the super heroes would better honor and resemble the childrens’ real fathers.

I include all the templates and detailed instructions here as a $3 download!!! It can also be used for Veteran's Day, or as a card to send to our troops! I just love that idea!

It was lots of fun, and the children were incredibly excited!  They can’t wait to give the card to their fathers! :)


- Heidi :)

P.S. The Zero the Hero song is on our Number Jumble DVD, as well as a number song for the rest of the numbers, to 30!! We have number formation songs, number word songs, etc! Click here for all our number resources!

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  1. So cute, Heidi! I actually like the variety of the Super Dads who are, like this mom, a little bigger around the middle!

  2. Very nice cards, Heidi. A super idea for Father's Day. Here in Belgium we celebrate the dads in June. That gives me plenty of time to work out something similar, if you don't mind....
    Antwerp British School

  3. We celebrate in June here, too! I just posted them early because a lot of teachers get out of school at the end of May, and so they need to do the cards with the children early.


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