Sight Word Eggs Match Up Freebie!

Here's a fun idea for those of you that enjoy using plastic eggs in your classroom:  Sight Word Eggs Match Up!  There's even a free recording sheet in it for you, too!

I'm hoping that by using an oil based paint pen, I will get words on the plastic eggs that are not easily rubbed off by little fingers.

To make the Sight Word Eggs, I wrote the words with a Sharpie Paint Pen and then put the eggs on an egg carton to let them dry for a few seconds.  I found that if I just let go of the egg, if often rolled around on the table and the marker smeared.  A regular sharpie might also work just as well, but I think that using a paint pen will result in words that are more permanent on the eggs, so that I can use them again for several years if I want to.  Sometimes, those moist little hands can rub the writing off of plastic items!  Let's just not talk about where the moisture comes from.  :)

As you can see, I wrote just the first letter on the left hand side of each egg, and the rest of the word on the right.  Once I had the words written on the eggs and they were dry, I separated each of the eggs (some required scissors because they were attached) and put them in my basket that I had filled with "grass."

Sight Word Eggs Match Up from HeidiSongs. Match the first letter of the word to the rest of the word on the other side of the plastic egg.

Once the children have matched the eggs up to form a sight word, they can record their words on the recording sheet shown below.  You can pick up this freebie at my TPT store right here!

Sight Word Eggs Worksheet Freebie from Heidisongs

Those of you that have been following my blog for a while will remember this CVC Eggs Activity and recording sheet from last year.  You can read more about this activity on my previous post on the CVC eggs here. Since it is a good time of year to mention it again, I thought I would repost it as a reminder!  Download it here.

Here is the idea I previously posted about for use with this recording sheet.

By the way, would you like to sing a song with your kids to help them learn how to sound out words from the "Eg family?" :)  Here's one that you can find on YouTube!   It's from the Word Family Songs DVD which I wrote to help kids learn how to sound out words. The video below is from the old DVD, but it's animated now and looks like the second video!


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