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Fun and Easy Reading Comprehension Games

Today I am going to share with you some fun and easy reading (and listening!) comprehension games!  These are just a few ideas that I have used in the past to help children focus on the meaning of the text and help them identify the parts of the story.  I hope you find them helpful!

This activities could be done as either listening comprehension games after students finish listening to a story, OR could be done after children finish reading a story!  Since I have worked primarily with Kindergarten students for most of my teaching career, it is easiest for me to think of the games in terms of listening comprehension games.  However, when you think about it, they really would be played exactly the same if the children had read the story themselves, and then played the game with the teacher or a parent.  So either way works!

Listening and Reading Comprehension Go Together!

Reading comprehension is strongly correlated to listening comprehension.  It has long been known that when you work …

Our Number Jumble DVD Just Got BETTER!

This week I’d like to highlight one of our *new* DVDs!! Our animated Number Jumble 0-10 DVD has been around for a while now, but we decided to add numbers 11-30 to it! Instead of creating a whole separate DVD for just 20 songs, we decided to tack on the 20 new songs to the original!

For the time being, for those who may be interested, we will still be selling the 0-10 version of the DVD, but only until we sell out!! Then it’ll be the 0-30 version only! Now here’s a little more info about Number Jumble.

This DVD has a collection of songs and movements that help kids practice number recognition, number writing, counting skills, and how to read the number words, and my 1-100 counting song! This is a GREAT way to bring fun and educational music and movement into your home or classroom!! It’s divided into three sections, with TWO bonus songs.

1. The Number Writing section has a song for each number 0-10 that helps kids learn how to write the numeral. It also uses my Counting Creatures rob…

Fairy Tale CASTLE Craftivity! (Freebie!)

Are you reading fairy tales??? Last week, I shared with you how to make CUTE fire-breathing dragon heads! Today, I'll be sharing a simple castle project as a fun addition to the theme! PLUS, a link to a knight, princess, beanstalk, dragon head, castle, and a guided drawing dragon bundle! :) Here we go!


Cut all of the paper pieces listed in the chart ahead of time. Make sure that you pay attention to how many pieces of each item are needed per child. For example, each child will need two tower top pieces, but only one castle body piece, etc.

A.  Get white stickers for the windows and doors. We gave the children six round, white stickers of about .75 inches each, and then cut some white address labels down to give them five rectangles each. Children could also be given white paper (or any other color) instead of stickers. To make a circle, give kids a square and show them how to round off the corners to make a circle. Another alternative is to purchase a large, round hol…

Shape Aliens in UFO's, and Other Fun Ways to Learn Shapes! (Freebies!)

In this post, I am going to tell you all about my newest activity called "Shape Aliens," (with a free download, too!) and give you some other ideas for helping kids practice shapes as well!

Learning shapes is one of the most basic, yet critical skills for children to learn in preschool and Kindergarten. So I've been working hard on coming up with some fun new ways to practice matching, recognizing, and drawing those shapes.  Keep reading for some easy projects you can do with your child right from your home or classroom!

I saw a similar idea on Pinterest for using toy capsules as "UFO" on an addition worksheet on the blog called First Grade at Last.  Check it out here!  Using that as my inspiration, I created that Shape Alien in UFO's activity as a "make and take" for my "Reinforcing Learning: Letters, Numbers, and Shapes" session next week at I Teach K in Las Vegas!  So I thought I would also share it here.  Participants that come to…