A FUN Halloween Singable Book Project!

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to quickly share about our Halloween Song Singable Book project since, you know, Halloween is just around the corner!!   This book making project helps children learn to follow directions, develop their fine motor skills, and learn reading skills such as tracking, fluency, and concepts of print. Plus, each child winds up with a book to add to their classroom library that they can each read and “own.” SO cute!

Now this little singable book is just a rewrite of a traditional tune, together with a Halloween poem.  But in my version, I take care to include only real things such as bats, brown owls, trick or treaters, black cats, and jack-o-lanterns.  There is one small exception: there is this one little jack-o-lantern that DOES hop up and down, but that’s the scariest thing in there! The stickers on the cover are totally optional.

Hopefully, you are still allowed to mention the word “Halloween” at your school, because I think that making this book is just s…

A Pool Noodle Pumpkin Patch Art Project!

Today I am going to tell you how to make a pool noodle pumpkin patch art project with your little ones!  It is very easy to make and lots of fun for either a fall or Halloween craft, and it can be used along with a mini non-fiction science unit on the life cycle of the pumpkin plant and an accompanying writing assignment!

I tried this out in my friend Mary C.'s first grade classroom, but I am certain that it would be easy enough for Kindergarten or preschool, with some modifications.  My good friend Mary deserves credit for helping me brainstorm this fun project, too!  I just love collaborating with her and I am so glad to be welcomed into her classroom!  I am also looking forward to posting more of the ideas that I have been trying out in her room, too!

Here are the materials you need:

- One pool noodle, cut into sections that are small enough for your childrens' hands to pick up.  I cut mine using a serrated knife pool noodle into sections of about two to three inches wide.


How to Teach Decomposing Numbers 0-10 (and a Freebie!)

Today I am going to show you how to decomposing numbers in a step by step lesson that really worked for me! PLUS there's a great little Jack-o-lantern teeth freebie to help you teach it, too!  For this lesson, the children and I practiced decomposing the number four by putting teeth on Jack-o-lanterns!  We just put some on the top of the mouth, and some on the bottom and then counted them.

It was great fun, and I think that the kids really GOT it!  Obviously, you could do this with ANYTHING that has teeth- or anything that can easily be divided into two parts! So read on if you need to teach this skill!  I have links to quite a few different freebies that I posted a while back that will also work to teach this skill.  So look all they way at the bottom of the post for those!

Just in case you haven't heard the term "decomposing number" before, that's edu-speak that means "breaking down the number into it's parts," or "find all of the ways to ma…

Creepy Carrots: A Free Halloween Craftivity!

Here is another fun, FREE craft for kids based on the book Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds, with SUPER FUN pictures by Peter Brown!  Did you enjoy the freeCreepy Pair of Underwear craftivity from a few weeks ago?  Well Creepy Carrots is the sort of like the companion book to A Creepy Pair of Underwear- and it is just as much fun as the other one!

When I first got this book out and showed it to one of my students, he said, "Oh, I want this book!  I want it REAL BAD!!!!"  And that was before I had even READ it to them!  He had only just looked at the cover!  LOL!

When I found out about these books last year, it was right before Halloween, so it was really too late to share the ideas that my teammate Jeff and I developed.  We made a creepy pair of underwear on Halloween Day at school, but did not get a chance to do the carrots. So this year, we got right on it!  I hope it's not too late for you to take advantage of using this project this year!

You may notice that the eye…