New! Shape of the Week Focus Wall Chart!

Today, I am SUPER EXCITED to tell you to introduce our brand new Shape of the Week Focus Wall chart to join our HeidiSongs Focus Wall for active learners!  I love this because since it is designed to go on a pocket chart, it is fully customizable, and includes elements that are active to keep kids engaged. You can use as many or as few parts as you like, so it will work for pre-K through first grade.  We even included NINE flat shapes and FOUR solid shapes, so there should be everything that you need in this set.

These are the shapes that we included:

Flat shapes:  circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, hexagon, trapezoid, octagon, pentagon.
Solid shapes:  cube, cone, sphere, cylinder.

This is what my TK (Transitional Kindergarten) focus wall set looks like:

The red pocket chart above was purchased on Amazon in a set of four small pocket charts, and it is 14" x 17".
This is the full set I would use in first grade or Kindergarten, (at least later in the year!)

  The long, p…

Letter of the Week Focus Wall - New and Updated!

We have just updated our Letter of the Week Focus Wall chart, and I wanted to share with you what it looks like now!  I just know my kids are going to LOVE this, because it is now much more active and fun!  Take a look at what we've added!

The first thing we've added is the Alphabet Action card!  For our existing HeidiSongs fans, you may already recognize that the artwork came right out of our Alphabet Action book, (which itself is a bargain at just six bucks!)

Each card has an action for each letter.  For example, for the letter A, we stomp on ants and say, "Ants!" and for the letter B, we say "Boo!"

It also matches up exactly with our very popular Alphabet Action song, which is on both the Letters and Sounds Animated video (either internet streaming or on DVD), and on our Singable Songs for Letters and Sounds, too!  That one is also available on internet streaming or on DVD as well.  But only the animated version includes the same artwork.

Below is a vid…

Getting Ready for Kindergarten: Summer School at Home, Week 7!

Welcome to Summer School at Home with HeidiSongs, Week Seven!  This week I will be sharing my favorite Pinterest "Pins" (pictures posted on Pinterest) that could be used at home or in the classroom to help children learn or prepare for the skills typically taught at the beginning of the year in Kindergarten.

I hope you enjoy it, and that it will help your little ones get ready for Kindergarten!  And enjoy the rest of your summer- whatever happens to be left of it!

This is a really great book with a comforting message and a practical strategy for helping kids feel that their parents are still "close by," even when they are not within view.

Here's a neat idea I found on Pinterest that would work great for family names or classroom names alike!  It came from the blog called Katie's Nesting Spot.  She calls it the Family Name Tracing Book.  All you have to do is write each child's name with a dotted line, and put a picture next to it.  Laminate it (or even …

A Back to School Round Up! (FREEBIES!)

Here are a few Back to School blog posts that I hope will help and inspire you as you start your new school year! :)

FREE Art Projects for the First Week of Pre-K or Kinder!

No TK Curriculum? No Problem!

Kindergarten Lesson Plans, Week One

An Introduction to Calendar Books! (FREEBIES!)

What to do on the Second Day of Kindergarten!

First Week of TK: What's Working?

I hope these give you some good resources and fun ideas!! Happy teaching!!

-Heidi :)

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