Instant Online Curriculum with HeidiSongs Pacing Guide/Curriculum Map and Internet Video!

Hello everyone!  Today, I am going to tell you about our Instant Online Curriculum for Kindergarten, which includes a FREE Pacing Guide/Curriculum Map with links to printable resources, and corresponds to a collection of internet videos that we are streaming on Uscreen!  This video collection has ALL of the HeidiSongs videos that you should need for each of the 38 weeks of the school year, all compiled by MONTH.
This has been the result of many long hours (several months, in fact!) of work by my tireless husband, Greg, and it is BRAND NEW as of this week!  Given our current circumstances with the "Shelter in Place" guidelines regarding Covid-19, I am hoping that this resource will help you out!

First: What is it?The Kindergarten Pacing Guide/Curriculum Map collection of internet videos is a compilation of our videos streaming online on our partner site, Uscreen!  Each monthly collection includes ALL of the videos that I recommend that a teacher or parent use per month for K…

20 Hands-On Ways to Build a Sight Word, (And Research to Back it Up!)

Today I am pleased to share TWENTY great ideas for building the sight words to help kids learn them in a hands-on way!  Making sight words (AKA high frequency words) in lots of different ways allows kids to choose their best learning modality and really take charge of their own learning. I'm super excited about this way of teaching, and I hope you will be, too!

When my teammate and I do this, we focus on just ONE of the trickier sight words per week and have the kids BUILD JUST THAT ONE WORD over and over again in many ways.  If there happens to be a parent volunteer at that center, they are to ask the children to spell it and tell what the word is often.

This Is Just One Part of Our Sight Word RoutineThey are usually at this center independently, but they are encouraged to sing the sight word song to themselves and spell the word as they build it, and say the word when they are done.  Of course, we have introduced the word ahead of time and reviewed it together many times!  I go …

NEW! Christmas Count the Room & Write the Room!

Today I'd like to tell you about TWO NEW products up on my Teachers Pay Teachers store:  Christmas Count the Room AND Write the Room!  My class has been having a ball with these activities during the last few weeks, and now they are EXPERTS at hunting down anything I may choose to hide in my room, LOL!  If I hide it, they will definitely read it and/or count it!  If you are unfamiliar with this type of activity, then you are in for a TREAT!  Just WAIT until you see how much fun this is!

Write the Room

Write the Room is super fun because the kids get to go on a word hunt all around the room!  You print and post the word cards all around the room.  And then the kids get to GET UP, and walk around the room with clipboard and a recording sheet, and write the words next to the matching holiday picture.  So if the word "the" is next to the present on the card, they write the word "the" next to the present on their recording sheet.

The cool thing about this particula…

NEW- Alphabet Formation Songs Animated DVD! (Black Friday Sale!)

Today, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of our brand new Alphabet Formation Songs Animated DVD!  Each song shows kids the steps for writing both the capital and lowercase letter, and all of them have beginning sound pictures, too!  This collection of videos is an AMAZING tool to use in the classroom, and many teachers have already been using them via internet video on both Vimeo and Uscreen.  But since quite a few people still prefer to use DVDs, my tirelessly working husband finished these up, and the DVDs finally ARRIVED- just in time for our Black Friday Sale!

Before I dive in about the new videos, here are the BLACK FRIDAY SALE details!!!!! :D Starting NOW thru 12/2/19, use the code THANKS to get 15% off your entire purchase on!!! PLUS, you get FREE SHIPPING on orders $25 or more!!

Okay, now back to the new alphabet formation songs.... :)

Throughout the videos, we refer to the lined paper lines as "Sky, fence, grass, dirt/mud," as you see in the im…

“My Holiday Traditions Number Book” Easy Reader Project!

Hey, everybody!  I’ve got a brand new book making project that’s just PERFECT for Kindergarten, TK, or first grade!  It’s called “My Holiday Traditions Around the World Number Book” and I can’t wait to share it with you!  It goes along perfectly with my existing Holiday Traditions Around the World book; in fact, it uses parts of the same illustrations!  So if you like that book, you’ll probably like this one, too!

This project is a fun, easy reader for kids to make when learning about holiday traditions around the world.  In it, the kids make the illustrations for their own easy reader book that gives just “the gist” of ten different holiday traditions, all told in a rhyming number poem. The little crafty illustrations are a great follow up activity to reading our Holiday Traditions Around the World book, (or reading about these holiday traditions from ANY books, really!)

Plus, it gives children a chance to practice writing their numbers AND their emergent reading skills at the same …

15+ (Mostly) FREE Hands-On Alphabet Letter Building Ideas!

Today, I am excited to share more than 15 hands-on ways for kids to build a letter!  Building alphabet letters is a great way to help children remember its shape and form.  My class added this to our weekly Letter of the Week routine this year, and I am SO glad that we did!  It seems to be making a HUGE difference especially to my lower students- those that have come with little prior exposure to the alphabet and/or no preschool experience.  And that's definitely a WIN!

It seems that the more the kids build and form that letter, the more likely it is that they will recognize it later.  This, combined with our Letter of the Week Focus Wall routine and weekly practice writing the letter, our HeidiSongs Alphabet Songs, and our daily Zoo Phonics practice from A-Z are making the most difference in helping the children learn the alphabet.

Our Weekly Routine for Letter Building

As we study our letter of the week, we pick one day to do letter building, but it could certainly be spread out…