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Are you tired of juggling DVDs to play the songs that you want? Or has your school upgraded technology, leaving you without a DVD player? Maybe you just want to put HeidiSongs Sight Word videos in the order that you teach?  I understand, I really do!

Well, today, I am beyond THRILLED to present our newest option in internet video: USCREEN!!!  I have been testing Uscreen in my class since last spring, and I can tell you this: once I tried it, my DVDs started collecting dust, and I never looked back. It's THAT AWESOME!  It's all I use in my classroom now and it's so easy to move from my Letter, Number or Shape of the Week to Sight Words and Phonics, that I never lose the kids' attention in transition.  It's just that quick!

Previously, we were only using Vimeo for internet video. And then my tirelessly working, incredibly AMAZING HUSBAND discovered Uscreen and it's just what we have been looking for! Uscreen allows us to upload each and every individual video separately, as opposed to one very long video as we're forced to do with Vimeo. If you've tried using Vimeo, you know what I mean.  It works, but not very nicely. With UScreen, we can collect and organize our videos in ways that just make sense- (as if they were DVDs, but online!  A scroll and a click moves you from one to another!) So now we can offer them to you in a whole new way!

For instance, we put ALL 175 of my Sight Word songs into a single, alphabetically organized collection, for one low monthly price! Now, for the first time, you can get easy access to every HeidiSongs video ever made, all 488 of my videos, available in one easy "Click & Choose" page. We have even posted our newest collection, "Alphabet Formation Songs to write the ABCs" available as a Special Preview! And the best thing is, you can get most of our song collections for around 99¢ per month!

HeidiSongs Streaming Video on Uscreen- 30 Day Free Trial!

The Basics

  • Select ANY video collection (like one DVD) in just SECONDS by scrolling and clicking on it.
  • Select the specific video song you want to see in just SECONDS by scrolling and clicking on it.  It immediately pops up and starts playing without a delay.
  • Let the video continue, and it will keep playing on to the next video in order, unless you select a different one. If you want it to REPEAT, just check the "Repeat" box and it will loop until you uncheck the same box.
  • Create a playlist of "Favorites" within each song collection, so that you can put the videos in any order you like, for easy navigation. Change the playlist and order of songs whenever you want to easily manage your classroom needs! (Explanation below.)
  • Use a School or District Purchase Order to rent UScreen for yourself or your whole team.


The Favorites Playlists

With Uscreen, you can play any video song, and then make a playlist of "Favorites!" The Favorites Playlist is the BEST FEATURE EVER, because once you have "favorited" a video, it will appear in a separate playlist that you control as you like!  You can move the videos up or down the list, remove them from the list, or add new ones. You can change your list daily, it's so easy!

 For instance, if you rent the "Sight Words - Alphabetical Order" video collection, you have full access to all 175 sight word songs! There are a lot of songs in this list to scroll through, but if you check the "Favorite Video" checkbox as you play any video, it will appear on the list underneath the main video, so next time you only have to click the little arrow icon for it to play!  It just doesn't self-advance to the next favorited video at this point in time.  You have to click the arrow.

I have been checking the 5 sight words we're learning for the week, then going through the list every chance I get with the students. Then I just change the words for the next week, it's so easy and fast! While we hope to implement a "Play All" feature for these favorited videos, for now, it's a useful way to easily get to the songs you need, with minimal scrolling! Just note, you will have to press the play arrow icon next to the song you want to play on that "favorite list," or it will naturally go on to the next alphabetical song on the full list.

The only restriction with the playlists is that you must stay within one video collection or set (like one DVD) when making playlists. So you can only add math songs to the math playlist, alphabet songs to the alphabet playlist, and spelling songs to the spelling playlist. BUT, switching from one collection to another really does take just SECONDS- not minutes, as it does when you eject a DVD and then wait for another DVD to spin up.

 For instance, with a full HeidiSongs UScreen Subscription, you can easily select our "Letters and Sounds" video collection, check 'Favorite Video' to review five letters for the week, then jump to the "Number Jumble 0-30" and check the 5 numbers you're learning, and then move over to "Benchmark Advance Kinder" collection and do the same for Sight Words. You'll have your whole week organized in just a minute or two!  In fact, I will confess to favoriting videos for the week right there in front of the kids as each one plays.  It's THAT quick and easy! This is a total game changer in the classroom, where you can lose your class' attention in less than a minute. But even without making a favorites playlist, Uscreen moves incredibly fast from one song to another, and from one genre to another.

Easily navigate and choose the video you want, or create a Favorites list to make it even easier!

Take Uscreen for a Thirty Day Free Trial

But don't take my word for it. You should try it yourself to find out if it will work just as well for you! Click here to try a thirty day free trial to see if it will work well enough in your classroom with your own district's bandwidth. See if it is worth the rental price for you!
  • No credit card required for the free trial!
  • Cancel anytime, no problem, no questions asked. We've been there, too.



We don't want prices on our products to be a mystery, so I have tried to make everything here as clear as possible.  We are working to make sure we can offer the best pricing we can, so don't be surprised if you see us adjust these down in the coming months! I also like that you can rent what you need for only a couple months, then move on to another song collection or wait to rent it again in the Spring, which should be super helpful for many teachers. But if anything here does not make sense, or if you have a special need that you don't see here, please do not hesitate to call us at (909) 331-2090 or email us at info@heidisongs.com if there is something that needs clarification. 1) Individual Video Collections - If all you need is just one video collection (similar to just one DVD with about 30 songs,) then that's easy! Prices start at $0.99 cents per month, but with a minimum purchase of three months at a time.  But that's basically a buck a month to rent one video! Or, you can rent it for a full year for $9.99. The video collections that are $2.99 for three months include:
  • Alphabet Formation: Songs to Write the ABCs (Currently ONLY available on Uscreen)
  • CVC Word Family Songs
  • Letters and Sounds Animated
  • Little Songs for Language Arts
  • Music for Classroom Management
  • Music with Mother Goose: Nursery Rhymes
  • Musical Math Vol. 1
  • Musical Math Vol.  2
  • Sing and Spell Vol.  1
  • Sing and Spell Vol.  2
  • Sing and Spell Vol.  3
  • Sing and Spell Vol.  4
  • Sing and Spell Vol.  5
  • Sing and Spell Vol.  6
  • Sounds Fun Phonics
  • Treasures Sight Word Song Collection

- We do have two shorter video collections that are just $0.75 cents per month, which comes out to a minimum three month purchase of $2.25, and a yearly rental fee of $7.50. Those collections, which have about 15-20 short songs each, include:
  • Colors and Shapes
  • Skip Counting Songs for Multiplication and More!

2) All 175 High-Frequency Sight Word Videos - If you want access to all 175 Sing and Spell the Sight Word Songs, that's $5.99 per month, or just $59.99 per year. We have both our Animated videos or the Classic version that features Heidi, both organized alphabetically. If your school or district have a unique list of Sight Words, this is the collection for you, so that you can easily organize and play them using the "Favorite Video" feature. This set of songs include ALL of our original "Sing and Spell the Sight Word" titles:
  • Sing and Spell Vol. 1
  • Sing and Spell Vol. 2
  • Sing and Spell Vol. 3
  • Sing and Spell Vol. 4
  • Sing and Spell Vol. 5
  • Sing and Spell Vol. 6

3) Publisher Collections - Many of our Publisher song sets fall into this category, so for video collections that have these songs, the price is $1.50 per month for 3 months. The yearly rental is $14.99. These video collections include:
  • Benchmark TK Sight Word Song Collection
  • Dolch Basic Sight Word Song Collection
  • Dolch Pre-Primer Sight Word Song Collection
  • Dolch Primer Sight Word Song Collection
  • Wonders Sight Word Song Collection
  • National Geographic 2017 Kindergarten Sight Word Song Collection
- For collections with even more sight word songs, the price is $1.99 per month, with a three month minimum. The yearly fee for that is $19.99. These titles are:
  • Benchmark Kindergarten Sight Word Song Collection
  • Number Jumble 0-30

- For our last Publisher's Collection title, the price is $2.99 per month, with a three month minimum. The yearly fee is $29.99. There is only one of these in our catalog! It is:
  • Journeys 2017 Sight Word Song Collection
4) Full-Access Video Subscription - If you love using music and movement as much as I do, then this is the clear choice for you! It includes ALL 488 HeidiSongs animated videos for $9.99 per month, or  $99.99 a year.  You get 175 Sight Word songs, nicely organized alphabetically, from our 6 Sing and Spell the Sight Words song sets; 29 Letter and Sounds videos; 26 Alphabet Formation videos; 26 Classroom Management videos; 129 Numbers and Math videos; 47 Phonics and CVC Word Family videos; 28 Nursery Rhyme videos; 28 Language Arts videos, plus much more!

I hope that you will give Uscreen a try in your classroom!  Tell us what you think!  We have a wonderful programmer that is working with us and can help us solve problems as they come up, so let us know what the issues are and we will solve them as best we can.  We do still have DVDs on our website if you prefer to use them. Or if you don't have good internet and they've changed out your computers, leaving you with no DVD option, just call our office at (909) 331-2090 as we have excellent Site License options that we can help you with, so that NOBODY has to miss their HeidiSongs videos!

Have a great school year!

-Heidi :)


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