NEW! CVC Word Family Bingo in COLOR, Plus Mixed Vowel CVC Games!

Today I am excited to tell you about one of our newest products to help practice CVC words (AKA consonant vowel consonant words): our CVC Bingo, in COLOR!  Yes, we finally got ALL of the CVC flash cards from our two CVC books, both Volume One and Volume Two colored, and so now we are putting them into games and activities such as this set of bingo games!

Many of you may know that we already had many of these CVC bingo games in black and white included with the CVC workbooks. But now we have updated the games to include some review games that MIX UP THE VOWELS up as well, to further challenge the kids that are ready.  I had been finding that there was a need for this in my classroom as over the last few years, and had made some up.  We just didn't have a full set of them ready for sale until now!

AND, for TWO days only- TODAY AND TOMORROW, July 22-23rd, we are offering 50% OFF of these two bingo games ONLY to help launch this new product!  This discount will be available on both TPT and!!  So instead of $5, each set of games will be just $2.50! 😍  No code needed!!!

As you can see in the video below, the easiest way to play these bingo games is to hold up the word card and have the children sound the word out together.  Then have them look for the correct picture that goes with it!  If they cannot remember what it looks like, just use the picture key that is included with each game.

The picture below shows what one complete set looks like.  I LOVE this because it follows the CVC Workbooks exactly!  The greatest improvement on our previous set of CVC bingo games, other than the obvious switch from black and white to color, is the review games with mixed vowels!  That way, the children really have to THINK about the VOWEL sounds that they are reading, rather than focus mostly on the beginning and ending sounds.

Mastering those short vowel sounds is such a vital part of beginning reading success, and this is something that those mixed vowel review CVC Bingo games do well!  Several years back when I taught first and second grade, I found that when children did not have a solid knowledge of the short vowel sounds, it affected their reading performance greatly!  So now I really focus on doing everything I can to ensure that the children in my class learn the short vowel sounds well.

So why play bingo to help your kids learn?  I think bingo can be the PERFECT review game because it keeps ALL of the kids ENGAGED, ALL of the TIME!  But why use these bingo games in particular?  Well, in my opinion, the BEST thing about using these HeidiSongs CVC Word Family bingo games is that they use the very same images and words that the kids will read and find in:

- The Word Family DVD  (Check out the "Ot Family Song below!)  This video collection is also available for video streaming on Vimeo for just $6.99 per year!

- The CVC Word Family Worksheets
- The Hidden CVC Words Worksheets
- CVC Write the Room
- CVC I Spy Word Families Easy Readers
- CVC Pockets
- CVC Puzzles
- CVC Spinners

After the blue graphic below, you can see what each of the different CVC Word Family Games look like.  These are all of the games from Volume One!  There are just as many games from Volume Two; they just use different word families, as you can see in the graphic below.

This is the Short A CVC Bingo with the At Family words.

This is the Short I CVC Word Family Bingo with the It, Ip, In, Ig Families!

This is the Short O CVC Word Family Bingo with the Ot, Op, Ox Families!

This is the Short E CVC Word Family Bingo, with the En, Eg, and Et Families!

This is the Short U CVC Word Family Bingo with the Ug, Ut, and Un Families.


- Heidi :)

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