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How I Got All My Kids to Learn 100% of the Letters & Sounds

This year, all of my students in my half day Transitional Kindergarten (TK) class learned every single letter and sound! In this post, I will tell you my weekly routines for teaching and reviewing the alphabet and letter sounds that led to 100% mastery for every single student in my class- even the children that struggled to learn! And we only had three hours per day total for every subject, including playtime and recess!

Considering how much we accomplished in so little time, I felt that these routines would important to share, since there are so many demands placed on teachers everywhere. Our Transitional Kindergarten students are just four years old when they start school, and must turn five sometime between September 1 and December 2 of the school year in order to qualify for the TK program. They will all start Kindergarten in the fall, totally ready to learn!

Note: You may notice that I have included several ESGI charts in this post. You can certainly follow the routines in this…

My Top TEN Blog Posts of 2018!!

Another year has come and gone!! I don't know about you, but I am EXCITED for what 2019 will bring!  When it feels like time is speeding up and flying by, it really makes you want to stop and BE PRESENT, living in the now.  Hug your parents, kids, family, friends, students, everyone a little tighter and remember to live in the moment!  Life can be hard, I know.  Life can be hectic, I know!  But it can also be SO GOOD! Love your neighbors and be a light in the world! :)

Not only was this a FUN year for me teaching TK, it was also a great year of blogging!!!  I put together a list of my posts that were the MOST popular in 2018! :)  Thank you SO much to all my readers and friends for sharing, giving me feedback, and continuing to encourage and support me, as well as my HeidiSongs team!  See you next year!!

1.Consequences That Teach Better Behavior (Instead of Punish)

I really am amazed at how many people have read this particular post!  It has been "pinned" so many times on …
Hey, everyone!!! The 33rd Annual Southern California Kindergarten Conference is right around the corner!!! We have a lot of GREAT speakers lined up this year, I'm so excited!!!

Here's the link to register!! The conference is Friday, March 1st and Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 at the Pasadena Convention Center!

My HeidiSongs team will be there with a booth so you can grab some products at our special conference price! I will be presenting 4 sessions, twice on Friday and twice on Saturday!! Here are the topics I'll be presenting on:

Session 1: Musical Math Plus Manipulatives

Session 2: Challenging the Highs, Reaching the Lows, and Loving the Middles with Differentiated Instruction

Session 3: Tips for Sounding Out Words and Fun Songs for Phonics

Session 4: From Pencil Grip to Lined Paper: Fine Motor for Everyone!

For a full list off all the speakers, their topics, and session times, read the brochure here!

Top Reasons to Attend

· Get tips, tricks, and best practices from the nations t…

17 Out of 22 Kids Learned the Alphabet in Just 11 Weeks. But How?

This week, I wanted to share with you some of the methods I used to teach the alphabet with my transitional kindergarten (TK) class this fall.  17 out of 22 of them learned ALL of the letters and sounds in less than 11 weeks, and that's pretty amazing when you consider that they were ALL four years old when school started in August!  All of the children in TK have fall birthdays, turning five sometime between September 1 to December 2.

To clarify, a few of those 17 kids missed one letter.  Most of those were reversals, especially b's confused for d's, and lowercase u's confused with n's. These kids also learned the letter sounds, with most of them getting all of them correct.  17 children got either 25 or 26 letter sounds correct!

The five remaining children still learned quite a bit, despite the fact that two of them have special needs!  Their alphabet naming scores are 33, 20, 6, 5, and 3.  And their letter sound scores are 24, 22, 18, 20, and 13!

You may be sur…

Word Family Fluency Stories, Charts, and Comprehension Questions!

Today, I am SUPER excited to tell you about our newest product: Word Family Fluency Stories, Charts, and Comprehension Questions!  They are aligned perfectly with our Sounds Fun Phonics set of videos, songs, word building kit, poster, multisensory flashcards and worksheets!  This fluency set will complete our set of phonics word family materials, giving children a chance to apply what they have learned and practice becoming fluent readers with those new words!  Plus, the comprehension check is the perfect way to finish off the unit.

I first started using fluency stories and word charts three years ago when I taught that first and second grade combination class.  My students in both grades really seemed to need to practice reading fluency, and giving them fluency word charts and stories to practice reading those words seemed to be exactly what they needed!  At the time, though, I had not yet developed my own fluency stories yet, so I used others that I found on TpT.  See each photo wi…